HIPAA Data Storage Requirements
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HIPAA Data Storage Requirements: How to Stay Compliant

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Electronic health records are convenient. You can access patient data at any time and share it easily. However, this information needs protection by law. HIPAA data storage requirements ask you to create a safe space for personal information. Therefore, you need to use administrative, technical, and physical measures to improve security.

HIPAA data storage requirements

The HIPAA Security Rule defines the steps you should take to protect stored data:

  • Data should remain confidential. You should also protect its integrity.
  • Accessing the data should be easy for authorized users.
  • You should look for threats. You’ll then have to choose the right solutions to address them.
  • You need to protect data against unauthorized use.
  • Lastly, make sure employees follow these requirements.

How can SecureTech help with HIPAA compliance?

SecureTech is a managed IT services provider in San Antonio, TX. Some of the services we offer can make your stored data safer:

  • Hard drive encryption. With encryption, data is useless for users who don’t have the right permissions. It adds a layer of security in case of a lost or stolen device. It also protects data against tampering.
  • Multi-factor authentication. Users have to verify their identity when they log in. It makes access controls stronger, and data remains easy to access for authorized users. In other words, people without the right permissions will not be able to get their hands on your information.
  • Password management. A strong password policy is important. With a password management tool, it’s easier to enforce it. Team members can use this tool to create strong passwords and change them often.
  • Risk analysis. You need to find threats and address them. In case of an audit, you’ll have to show how you looked for gaps. You’ll also have to explain why you decided to use the solutions you selected. It’s something SecureTech can help you with. We can do a review of your system and find risks in it.

A personalized approach

HIPAA rules don’t ask you to use specific tools. Instead, this framework is about finding your unique risks and adopting the right solutions. However, the right solutions vary from one business to another.

SecureTech creates a customized plan for each customer. We understand that each business is unique. Our goal is to create an IT infrastructure adapted to your goals and risks.

This approach puts us in a position to help you with HIPAA compliance. We can identify the risks your organization is facing. We’ll also look for any compliance gaps. We can then recommend the best solutions. Plus, you’ll get an audit trail for these decisions.

Do you need help with HIPAA data storage requirements? Get in touch with us today to learn more!