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Why No Business Is Too Small to Need a Server Backup Plan

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Your computer has been humming along for years. Then on a random Thursday morning, the dreaded message appears: “Hard Disk Failure.” Or maybe, you’re adding a new customer into your system and your screen freezes – virus attack. How do you recover? Even if you backed up your computer on external storage, your computer is dead in the water. Natural disasters like hurricanes and floods can cause external storage devices to disappear, along with your computer system. Before disaster strikes, a server backup plan can ease the crisis. A simple plan may be to backup data to the cloud.

Cloud storage is an easy and affordable way to protect your business data. You will have peace of mind knowing your computers and business are protected, even if a disaster never occurs.

A serious threat is looming: Cyber hackers

When a hacker gets into a large company, they demand ransom for millions of dollars. Or they expose millions of people’s personal data, like credit card numbers. However, small companies are cyber targets as well. In fact, 43% of all cyber attacks happen to small businesses. These companies are ransomed for $200,000 on average.

Even worse, 60% of small businesses that are cyber attack victims end up going out of business. This could be due to lost data or downtime while trying to recover from the attack.

A backup plan is like insurance

Your computer is smart, but it can’t predict the future. It can’t foresee hardware failures, natural disasters or cybercrimes. However, you can stay one step ahead of calamities by having a plan in place to minimize losses. A disaster and recovery plan is like insurance. You have protection but hope you never need it.

Is a backup power supply in place in case a thunderstorm knocks out your power for two hours? A power supply is one piece of your total plan that includes items such as server backup and restoring data.

A managed IT service provider has the expertise to develop a disaster and recovery plan with you to ensure continued operations in the future.

Why is a server backup necessary?

Large and small businesses have the same critical need to protect their data. What’s lost if your computer goes down? Here are just a few items:

  • Customer lists.
  • Vendor contacts.
  • Private employee records.
  • Accounting and tax files.
  • Sales receipts.
  • Inventory stock items.
  • Email history.

What is the result of losing server files?

  • Lost revenue while getting your business back up and running.
  • Bad ratings from customers.
  • Potential legal concerns.

SecureTech is an experienced IT service provider in San Antonio, TX. Our knowledge of cloud technologies, cybersecurity, compliance, and backup and recovery will prepare you for disasters before they strike. Contact us today for your server backup disaster needs.