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Do You Know What Good Remote IT Support Looks Like?

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At SecureTech, we pride ourselves in our IT support. Our mission is to give you access to the latest technologies. Most importantly, we understand that service excellence is important for adoption.

That’s why we use remote tech support tools. Here’s what you can expect from our techs.

Endpoint support

Did you know that IT downtime costs businesses $1.55 million each year? We offer 24/7 support to reduce these costs.

Plus, we offer support documentation to help you fix minor issues. It’s a great way to boost the tech skills of your workforce.

Of course, we understand that users can’t fix everything with documentation. That’s why we offer a simple service request process. Submitting a service request is a quick and easy experience:

  • Call, text or email us and get a fast response every time.
  • We then access your endpoint machines with a remote support tool.
  • Our experts diagnose and fix the issue while communicating with you every step of the way.

During this process, we use management tools to monitor the system as well as OS and software versions. We install updates remotely to keep your system up to date. Above all, we keep your system clean and secure.

Our goal is to fix issues quickly. As a result, you can get back to work with little downtime.

This translates to fewer financial losses for you. And the impact on productivity remains small.

Network monitoring

Remote network monitoring gives us visibility. Even though you might have several locations or users working from home, we can still understand your network and offer dedicated customer service.

We use monitoring to make your network safer. For instance, we can find unauthorized devices and spot unusual behavior.

Network monitoring has more benefits, like:

  • Identifying bottlenecks that cause slow traffic.
  • Finding apps linked to performance issues.
  • Helping you get more value from your IT resources.
  • Spotting security threats.
  • Planning for infrastructure upgrades.

This practice helps us diagnose issues early, making us more proactive. In fact, we can sometimes fix problems before they affect user experience. Plus, network monitoring is a valuable tool for a fast, safe and reliable environment.

IT support with excellent user experience

We always look for new ways to improve the user experience. That’s why we have adopted automation. Our staff saves time on repetitive tasks so technicians can focus on more complex duties. As a result, we have more manpower available when you submit a service request.

We also offer support via text! We’re the first San Antonio, TX managed IT service company to do so. The idea is to give users the possibility to choose how they want to contact us.

We believe in human connections too. In other words, we treat our customers with integrity. Our IT experts have scored over 90% on Customer Service Training with HDI. This means they will listen to your concerns, and they’ll communicate when working on your service request.

Need help?

Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional IT support. We offer managed IT services for growth. Plus, we deliver outstanding support for a good user experience. Get more from your tech portfolio by contacting us today!