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SecureTech: San Antonio’s IT Services Company Since 2002

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Businesses are dealing with an increasingly complex IT landscape. Common challenges include choosing the right tech products, managing their implementation and building an IT portfolio that supports sustainable growth. It makes sense to get help from a managed service provider to navigate and leverage IT for growth. SecureTech was founded in 2002 in the San Antonio, TX area. Our values and purpose set us above other IT services companies and allow us to provide an outstanding experience. Here’s why.

We work and win as a team

It’s important to consider where your best interest lies when working with IT services companies. At SecureTech, we treat your concerns as our own and we won’t oversell or hold back your company’s growth. Your success is our success, and we want to work together to achieve it.

At SecureTech, we help customers fulfill intentions using technology, so we see ourselves as partners in your success. Therefore, we always have your best interests in mind and look for scalable solutions that match your long-term needs.

We are goal-oriented

Experts believe IT spending will grow by 4% in 2021. Investing in new solutions can give you a competitive edge. However, it’s crucial to ask how a new product will affect your bottom line.

We understand why 59% of businesses turn to outsourcing to reduce costs. Our goal-oriented approach allows us to achieve the results you’re looking for without going over budget.

We set communication standards among IT services companies

Outsourcing IT can result in a loss of control and oversight. It’s a common issue with managed service providers who don’t communicate well. Besides, many businesses are dealing with complex vendor management processes and don’t have the time to reach out to their IT vendor to get an update.

One of our core values at SecureTech is being team players. Our professionals work together closely and communicate with our clients and about different projects regularly.

We treat our customers with respect and integrity

Another potential drawback of outsourcing is ending up with a partner who won’t listen to your concerns. Lack of feedback can lead to slow service or even loss of revenue.

This is why we avoid tech jargon. Above all else, our communication is transparent – no smoke and mirrors.

Our process puts conversation first. We always explain the issue we’re addressing, the solution we picked and what kind of outcome you can expect in a given time.

We take customer service seriously and believe our clients don’t deserve anything less than an outstanding experience. The proof? Our staff has achieved a score of more than 90% on Customer Service Training through HDI!

We are professionals

The IT field moves fast. Keeping up with the latest tech and best practices can be hard.

Our experts have diverse backgrounds and specialize in many different areas. We work as a team to use our combined knowledge for your projects.

We also seek new training opportunities all the time. Training helps us stay up to date and ensures you have access to expertise on the latest IT solutions. Besides, we’re always watching out for new trends. We can adapt quickly to new practices like remote work as the new norm.

SecureTech offers speed, reliability and results. Get started with a free consultation to find out more about the way we work.