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5 Things Top Cloud Computing Companies Provide

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From reducing costs to improving flexibility, cloud computing comes with many benefits. However, it’s important to choose the right cloud provider to get the most out of this tech.

When you choose a vendor, you should look for some of the things only the top cloud computing companies offer.

5 things the top cloud computing companies offer

With 90% of businesses now using the cloud, the market is growing quickly. As more vendors appear, it’s more important than ever to learn to recognize a quality cloud computing service. Read on to learn about five things that make a cloud vendor a great option.

1. Ease of use

A growing trend is to use a mix of public and private clouds. Experts call this approach the hybrid cloud. It helps manage costs and can also improve security and compliance.

A cloud vendor that offers a simple interface can help you build a hybrid infrastructure. It should also be easy to roll out new apps, install patches and integrate cloud-based apps with the rest of your infrastructure.

2. Data strategy

Migrating to the cloud means you’ll have to trust a vendor with your data. Look for a partner with a strong data strategy in place:

  • A safe storage solution, possibly with different storage tiers for sensitive data.
  • Transparency about where they store the data.
  • If applicable, the ability to encrypt your data.
  • Protection for data in transit.
  • Restrictions on who can access your data.
  • A data backup solution.

3. Security

Protecting your data and workloads in the cloud is crucial. Top cloud computing companies have strong security plans that cover multiple threats.

Look for a cloud vendor with a safe network. They should also limit physical access to their data center and manage who can access your data and applications stored in the cloud.

A zero trust model is a great way to protect access to the cloud, for instance, with methods like two-factor authentication.

4. Compliance

A cloud vendor is an extension of your organization. The same rules you have to follow should also apply to the organization that is managing your cloud infrastructure.

Depending on your industry, you should look for a vendor that can meet PCI DSS compliance requirements, follow HIPAA rules or apply GDPR requirements. Beyond that, your vendor should be transparent about the steps they take to comply.

5. Cloud service agreement

A service-level agreement is a key document for building a relationship based on trust and communication. It should outline the role of the vendor, the services they offer and the scope of those services.

Ideally, your service agreement should include support. You can also look for things like training, migration services and more.

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