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A Network Consultant Keeps Business and Personal Cell Data Separate

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) products are changing how companies manage and track their mobile resources. Remotely controlling and securing devices may be one of modern enterprise and network consultants’ most significant capabilities. MDM software lets employees get into company networks and data from their personal devices, no matter where they are. As a result, IT staff can oversee employees’ portable devices from afar.

MDM often describes mobile application management, mobile content management and conditional exchange access. In addition, since MDM supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, there is a question of how network consultants deal with users’ personal data on devices they use for work.

The network consultant and MDM

When people use their personal devices for work, mixing various data is a big concern. Most companies fear that MDM in a BYOD environment will cause personal data to spill over into business data. This mix could expose employees in ways that can violate their privacy. However, the best MDM products provide a way to prevent this from happening.

Enter the device profile

A solid MDM product will offer the ability to apply device profiles that keep business and personal data separate. For example, when users need to perform work duties, they log into a business device profile that lets them interact only with company-specific applications. Plus, this profile gives them access to special directories where the company can keep its information safe. The same goes for personal use. When users need to use their devices for personal activities, their personal profiles keep their information separate from company data.

The true benefits of MDM

The benefits of MDM are more than reduced equipment costs or increased employee efficiency. For instance, suppose a managed service provider (MSP) takes control of a client’s entire infrastructure. There may be thousands of personally-owned mobile devices on the network. Manually managing this client would be impossible. But now, the MSP can oversee the client’s needs by using MDM to register, administer and create different profiles. In addition, the collection of device data management and configuration information means that a single source controls every device. As a result, thanks to MDM, data mix-ups are not an issue for the average company or network consultant.

MDM products should include:

  • Cloud service for easy and automatic updates.
  • Automated round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Tracking of users entering and exiting the network.
  • Remote disconnection, configuration and wiping.
  • Better logging and reporting for IT standards purposes.

Your new MDM solution provider

Seeing these factors and paying attention to those that fit your monitoring requirements, you can start narrowing down the list to find your own choice of candidates. There are a lot of cloud services and on-premises software available on the market. Some of these systems are suitable for large enterprises and others for smaller companies.

Here at SecureTech, we specialize in MDM rollouts and management for any type of business. Contact us today. to find out more about the benefits of work and personal profiles allowed through mobile device management plans.