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A good business continuity strategy focuses on being prepared, especially for possible technology disruptions. Hardware failure, cyberattacks, and natural disasters can lead to data losses or hamper major business processes.

You can prepare for those scenarios by designing and implementing a disaster recovery plan. But, make sure you have a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan in place that’s adapted to your needs.

As a trusted data recovery service in San Antonio, we adhere to global industry standards. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands with our locally available experts.

Let’s take a closer look at two options for backup and recovery: cloud and onsite storage.

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Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Relying on the cloud to back up data is a popular option because you can send your data to a public cloud service automatically or use a cloud-to-cloud solution to create backups. Those backups are generated by cloud-based applications for a seamless process.

If you choose the right provider, a cloud BDR is a reliable way to store data. Scalability is another advantage since you can always get more storage if you need it.

The cloud delivers short recovery times for small datasets, and keeping data off-site is a good idea in case your hardware becomes inaccessible as a result of a power outage, weather disaster or some other reason.

The drawbacks of cloud backups are that large datasets require longer recovery time, and choosing the right cloud provider can be challenging since the safety of your data depends on the provider you choose.

Onsite Data Recovery Texas

Investing in an onsite BDR solution is a viable alternative to relying on the cloud if you want to retain more control over your data.

There can be significant upfront costs associated with hardware, but storing your backup onsite gives you more control over who has access to the servers. You can also ensure that your storage solution meets compliance requirements for sensitive data.

There are drawbacks to onsite storage that you should be aware of. It leaves you vulnerable to lost or damaged hardware in a disaster, and there are ongoing maintenance and training costs. It’s also important that you consider the additional workload for your IT department.

In spite of those drawbacks, onsite backup recovery makes sense if you have to back up sensitive data or meet strict industry compliance requirements. The speed of recovering large datasets also is better compared with cloud-based solutions.

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San Antonio Data Recovery Services

Since the cloud and onsite BDR have their drawbacks, you may prefer a third alternative, having someone else take care of all of that data storage for you. It’s called disaster recovery as a service.

That puts your data in the hands of a third-party vendor. It’s a flexible approach since you can work with the vendor to develop a backup and recovery plan adapted to your unique needs.

We at SecureTech, for example, have a BDR service that uses pooled storage on servers that we own. Your data is never handed over to another party, and we use an SSAE 16 Type II Certified/SOC Certified datacenter for safe and reliable backups. We can also build a backup and recovery solution with local storage if you want to retain physical control of your data.

We can start by conducting a technology business review to assess your unique needs and help you choose the most-relevant BDR solution for your data.

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