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Are Tech Support Companies Near Me Worth the Investment?

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Business owners everywhere are keeping a close eye on costs. But when it comes to your IT equipment needs, that’s an area you can ill afford to under budget. You might wonder, “Are tech support companies near me worth the investment?” To that, there’s only one answer: Yes! Let us tell you why.

Outsource Your Technology Support

Outsourcing your technology support to a managed services provider (MSP) brings several key benefits to your organization.

  • You’ll gain an expert team of skilled IT professionals who know technology and can offer smart advice about your particular equipment needs and technical support.
  • Your accounting team will gain predictable budgeting for monthly costs. The MSP fee helps your firm to achieve better financial planning and department allocation.
  • Your organization gets a wide range of services from the tech support companies, including proactive monitoring, equipment maintenance, and support for your IT systems.
  • MSPs can often use cutting-edge tools, software, and technologies to optimize your IT systems. This saves you from having to invest your own money in these tools.
  • You can adjust the level of IT services from the tech support companies, depending on the state of your business and whether you’re expanding or downsizing.

Working with an In-House Team

Suppose you instead choose to hire your own in-house team of full-time IT professionals. If so, you’ll have the following scenarios to deal with, which could hamper or slow down your overall productivity:

  • Recruitment and Training: There are costs associated with recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding qualified, full-time IT staff, who are highly sought after. Finding the right candidate could take months, and who’s got that time?
  • Hiring the Right Team: You will face the ever-precarious costs of salary, benefits (such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off), and any bonuses or incentives. Recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that salaries for computer and IT professional jobs are often upwards of $100K and higher.
  • Equipment and Infrastructure: Providing the full-time IT team with office space, hardware, software, and other IT infrastructure can cost a bundle upfront. More funding may also be necessary for maintenance, upgrades, and repairs.
  • Scalability: If your IT needs fluctuate or expand, you may need to hire additional staff or invest in training to meet the changing demands, leading to increased costs.
  • Security & Compliance: Your in-house IT staff may lack the expertise or resources to maintain the same level of protection that an MSP would. This could expose your business to higher risks and costs.

Time to move ahead. When you search for “tech support companies near me”, the obvious choice is to work with a tech support company that you trust. Keeping your company’s IT running smoothly and protected from cybersecurity threats is a win-win for both parties.

When your business needs an MSP, look to SecureTech for your outsourced IT needs. We’re ready to show you how we can optimize your uptime, maintain and protect your equipment, and give new life to your technology infrastructure.