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Cybersecurity Consulting: Why Your Users are Part of the Problem

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Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Namely, they take care of your customers and work hard to provide innovative solutions that make your company successful. Alas, the good always comes with the bad. Your workers are also one of the weakest links in your cybersecurity defense. Cybersecurity consulting firms can change that.

The problem

Email is the main attack point for most criminals. So, it’s important that your employees are ready. A recent survey of business leaders showed that over half were worried about malware entering their company. This is true for both email (55%) and web surfing (51%). But that number should be even higher!

Email phishing is a priority for ransomware. In fact, it makes up 67% of the main entry points into a company. This issue is expected to cost organizations over $20 billion in 2021. Indeed, it’s clear the problem is only going to grow. So, that begs the question, What can you do to mitigate the problem?

Awareness training is key

Technology only goes so far. Let’s say someone gives their password to an attacker. Now, you have a cybercriminal in your company. That’s no good.

In a 2019 survey, only 31% of people said they had security training that year. The training is often only a video. Sometimes, it’s a set of flyers hanging in the breakroom. That’s not enough to establish the importance of watching out for threats. Rather, they need training – training that stresses how each person plays a major role in the company’s security.

Cybersecurity consulting firms suggest extra training for key roles

While anyone with a computer needs this training, some jobs require more. Business leaders are often targets of spear-phishing scams. Phishing often involves sending bad emails to everyone. Spear phishing, on the other hand, targets one person with a customized attack email. This special treatment is due to leaders’ important roles in the company.

Cybersecurity consultants offer advice to help. Most importantly, companies must coach their leaders and key employees. More specifically, encourage them not to share too much on social media. Often, that data could be used in a phishing scam.

You need strong processes

Along with awareness training, certain key job roles (like ones that have access to sensitive data) need set back-end communication plans. This allows confirmation for matters such as wire transfers and data requests to have extra controls outside of email. Your password length and update frequency should be set up suitably too.

SecureTech can help

The SecureTech team will partner with your business in the San Antonio, TX area. Training your employees to be wary of strange emails helps you empower them. In fact, they’re more likely to act as human firewalls that protect your company. Our cybersecurity consulting experts can create a custom awareness training plan to fit your needs. Don’t put off training your employees. Give us a call today.