Hard Drive Encryption San Antonio

Encrypting hard drives across all personal computers and desktops is one way to increase digital security for your organization. For example, the loss or theft of a laptop, smartphone, or other physical data could lead to a major data breach. Hard drive encryption adds another layer of security to help mitigate the consequences when these types of situations do occur.

Different companies specialize in creating software or hardware that can encrypt hard drives. Cybersecurity firms with technical expertise offer managed data encryption services that implement hard drive encryption as part of a full-scale security plan.

What is hard drive encryption?

It is a technique for protecting your hard drive from unauthorized access. The encryption process uses functions or algorithms to convert data into an unreadable block of information. Users must provide the correct password or key to decrypt hard drive data back into its original format.

Either hardware or software can drive disk encryption. Generally, it will encrypt the entire disk drive, making all files unavailable to users without the required level of access. There are also multiple methods of access using multi-factor authentication, which means that users must show two or more items as proof of identification.

Every single bit is encrypted, ensuring that security measures are in place at the lowest level of digital information. This makes it more difficult for external users to steal information from a computer and helps a business prevent any file from being changed without your knowledge.

Why do I need It?

As a security best practice, there are several good reasons an organization should consider encrypting hard drives. Major benefits of encrypted harddisk include safeguarding sensitive company information and data, preserving data integrity from external sources without compromise and controlling unauthorized access by parties outside the organization as well as internal employees who do not have sufficient privilege.

It also reduces the risk and mitigates the impact of accidental data loss, theft or data piracy, even if your computer becomes a target of malware. Beyond this, encrypting hard drives as a standard practice grants peace of mind just as locked doors, deadbolts and a home security system do for a homeowner.

Getting started with Encrypting Hard Drive

Another important consideration for securing hard drive is a safe password recovery mechanism. Unfortunately, “getting locked out of the house” is a potential scenario when authorized users lose the password or key to decrypt files on a hard drive. A disk encryption solution should offer a simple and reliable method for retrieving lost or corrupt files in these situations.

Deciding on the best hard drive security service for your organization is an important but difficult decision. The types of devices and operating system available are some determining variables. For instance, hard drive encryption can shield the Active Directory, or AD, for only users who have a certain level of access to view the data stored inside of it. As a client, you provide information using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) from which your encryption service can add a connector or even import a specified user list to set up accounts for enhanced security.

SecureTech is here to provide the technical guidance and business experience you need to choose which encryption service would work best for your business, and if necessary, can also help you implement this essential cybersecurity feature.

SecureTech supports its products with a simple multi-tenant system that makes it easy to add a new tenant and then deploy an application or token. It also provides an administrative console remote support team with a support and main number contact.