According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (VDBIR), weak passwords were responsible for 81 percent of data breaches. Fast forward two years and weak passwords are still responsible for 80 percent of data breaches. Cyber attacks could be prevented with a Multi-Factor Authentication System.

Small- and medium-sized companies can’t afford the multimillion dollar price-tag – or the lack of public trust – that comes with a data breach. A majority of small businesses fold within six months of falling victim to a data breach.

If you’re like most of our clients, chances are you use Office 365 and a variety of cloud-based applications to make your business run more smoothly. You’re also probably concerned with compliancy issues and want to make your enterprise safer. The million-dollar question is: how?

Our cybersecurity experts have found that Multi-Factor Authentication is one of the most time- and cost-effective ways to expand a company’s security. Here are some of the most common questions clients ask our team here at SecureTech San Antonio about our Multi Factor Authentication Services.

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

It involves limiting access to systems such as applications or networks behind multiple levels of security.

For example, a multi-factor authentication system may require users to input both a password and an SMS code they receive on their cell phone to access a password-protected system.

Having multiple levels of authentication makes it much more difficult for cybercriminals to effectively attack a system. Locking systems behind additional layers of security, such as one-time SMS codes, makes it extremely difficult for cybercriminals to spoof an identity or access a system using only a password.

What do we need to apply Multi Factor Authentication to your Business?

We’ll need to know what Active Directory (AD) system you’re using (popular ADs include Gsuit, AD FS, LDAP, Azure and more). The connector we use depends on the type of your AD.

Once we have your AD, we’ll import a user list for everyone at your business that needs authentication. Then, we’ll confirm our setup policies with you to determine how many levels of authentication you want and detail our service enforcement or bypass protocols depending on your needs. Finally, we install our service on all the applications you need.

Why is our Multi Factor Authentication Service relevant?

It provides increased security for accessing technologies – such as cloud-based storage or applications – that your business needs to run. It also greatly minimizes the chances of a cybercriminal gaining unauthorized access to your systems.

Why is Multi Factor authentication Service valuable to Businesses?

When you go home, you probably deadbolt and lock your door. Why? To give yourself some peace of mind. Our authentication service is like deadbolting your technology systems so that you can keep your enterprise safe.

Our service safeguards sensitive company information. It eliminates the possibility of human error compromising your systems. Importantly, it also provides our clients with data integrity – without requiring compromises from external sources.

How do we support this service?
What's our payment model?

We use a tenant system for our services. When you’re added as a tenant, you get an application or token that gives you access to the service you purchased. We also provide training for individual users of our services.

We use our administrative console to provide remote clients with complete customer support, and we have a support number you can call at any time. We invoice clients monthly based on the Microsoft Services (MS) Agreement terms our clients sign. To learn more about how our services can safeguard your business, please contact us.