Backup Solutions for Small Business: Long-Term Archival Data Storage Services

If you run a business, you either collect or produce data, or both. Today, data is more valuable than ever before. In fact, in 2017, the value of data surpassed the value of oil. From improving customer experiences to accelerating business performance, there’s virtually no end to the ways data can benefit your organization. Data is protected through backup solutions for Small Business and Long-term archival data storage.

Of course, data is only useful if you have access to it, which is precisely why investing in long-term archival data storage is a best practice for modern organizations. Here is why backup solutions for small business is getting importance.

Long-term Archival Data Storage

Take a moment to consider all the data your organization either generates or possesses. Customer profiles, financial records and projections, employee information – the list goes on.

All of the data is valuable and likely functions as the linchpin of your organization’s efficiency. So, what would you do if a cyberattack or a natural disaster compromised your organization and its data?

Organizations need a way to archive business documents and data, and there’s no better solution than long-term archival data storage – Backup solutions for small business.

Benefits of Archival Data Storage

Cyberattacks can cost organizations around the world up to $45 billion, while natural disasters can cost them as much as $155 billion.

Not only has data gained value, but it’s at greater risk of being compromised than ever before, whether by a cyberattack or a natural disaster.

Having a long-term archival data storage solution allows your organization to bounce back and retain its value. Access to data archives lets you rebuild your database in the event of a disaster, giving you valuable peace of mind.

Using a long-term archival data storage solution allows you to rest easy, knowing your organization will pass external and internal data security audits with flying colors.

Our Data Archive Process

SecureTechs‘ IC Ark is a data archiving solution at the file folder level. It utilizes a web-based interface to back up and restore files and adjust data retention policies.

All data resides on Amazon Glacier cloud storage servers. IC Ark is capable of both local and cloud storage, although cloud storage is generally preferred as the more secure option.

IC Ark automatically maintains client data files in a secure environment with high availability. In other words, finding specific files stored via IC Ark is quick and painless.

Due to its long-term retention, clients that need to comply with HIPAA, PCE, FCC, CJIS or other regulations that require retention times of 7+ years will find IC Ark specifically suited to their needs.

Our storage solution provides legal protections if a client must produce archived data for any business need.

With IC Ark, adding additional storage is easy – and due to IC Ark’s cloud storage capabilities, on-site resources on the network are not utilized to store the data, allowing for more day-to-day production.

Here’s how it all works:

IC Ark saves multiple versions of files in the cloud so they can be restored when needed.

They are held for an extended period of time, offering recovery times of 4-5 hours that can be accelerated through the use of a different storage folder.

For healthcare professionals who need to comply with HIPAA, CPAs and accountants who need to handle taxes, and construction professionals or architects who need to handle blueprints and project information, IC Ark is the premier data storage solution.

It ensures continued availability of data and applications as well as recovery solutions for data that have longer time-storage requirements than typical backup solutions can provide.

If you need a convenient, cost-effective way to archive your data, look no further.