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How Data Security Consultants Keep Your Business Safe

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Protecting your data should be one of your top business concerns. After all, poorly stored data presents a lot of risks. Fortunately, data security consultants can play a huge role in keeping it safe.

Below, discover the steps you can take to ensure your business data is secure, and learn how a managed services provider can help out.

Providing the right security policies

It’s not enough to just have the right security policies in place. You have to apply them correctly for them to be effective. To protect data, your employees must also have the proper training on risks and best practices.

Effectively maintaining backup

Data attacks from hackers are becoming more common. This often results in data theft and loss. So, it’s important to have backup procedures in place so you’ll still have the information you need to operate, like customer data, no matter what happens to your main network.

Updating software

You face a lot of risks when you use outdated software. It often contains security holes that hackers can use to gain entry into your network. So, it’s important that you regularly update your systems. This ensures you have the latest security features, and it reduces the chance of exposing your data to theft.

Build protection around your data

The hackers who want to steal your data are smart. So, you have to be prepared. Always look for added means to protect your data, such as:

  • Anti-virus programs: As the name implies, these systems prevent viruses from infecting your network. Make sure you have at least one running on all of your systems at all times.
  • Firewalls: These devices help prevent hostile traffic from entering your network.
  • Two-factor authentication: A password doesn’t always keep out unwanted people. These authentication systems provide double protection when users want to log into your system. Users need to complete a second verification method to ensure data doesn’t end up with the wrong people.

Build a strong IT infrastructure

Both your hardware and software systems work together to protect your data. So, you need to understand how to build a strong IT system to reduce the risk of data loss. This includes installing and upgrading to the most relevant technology.

Data security consultants can help

Do you need help improving your data security to keep your business safe? Contact the experts at SecureTech. We are a trusted managed IT services partner in San Antonio, TX. We can help you address all of the steps mentioned above and support you in everything from encryption to disaster recovery to backup.