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Cloud Migration Strategy Consultation: The Way to Ensure The Success Of Your Project

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Most cloud vendors and providers offer some assistance support and migration tools, but many challenges likely remain to properly integrate all data and processes. SecuTech Cloud Migration Strategy Consultation give you peace of mind to know everything is going to be as should be.

Keys to a successful cloud migration strategy lie in ensuring that all testing and technical requirements are completed and existing applications and processes are identified in advance of implementation. These practices will help prevent a cloud migration budget overrun.

Cloud migration challenges

There are significant technical and logistical IT challenges that businesses will face during cloud migration and extend past the realm of infrastructure technology.

From a technical infrastructure perspective, information technology leaders have important decisions to make regarding choice of platform and specifications needed from a cloud provider. They also need the proper information systems to integrate and modify the existing data pipeline.

A common pain point for IT teams is converting relational databases and SQL code into a cloud provider’s native software, such as Amazon RDS. IT can face several logistical challenges as well, especially regarding the resource capacity and skill set of the organization implementing a migration.

Finding talent with the appropriate data warehousing and experience in cloud systems is an ideal but often costly approach. If your business’s IT department does not have the requisite expertise and availability, outsourcing, or collaborating with your cloud partner are two alternatives.

Companies must be aware of the marketing, finance, HR and other facets that a business will risk by an inability to access essential data and perform critical core functions. Such risk may depend on the exact timeline and implementation schedule of a cloud migration.

Why a Cloud migration strategy consultation is a good idea?

Given the various challenges associated with migration we’ve explained, your business should have a strong cloud migration strategy before moving into action. Since cloud migration imposes cultural change and affects entire business operations, your employees and teams may need to learn new tools, techniques and processes while transitioning older processes.

Another major benefit of developing a cloud migration strategy is to identify and determine your priorities and dependencies across all business units. According to IBM, departments or teams that have more mission-critical processes or urgency to transition should be given the highest priority.

A Cloud migration strategy consultation establishes benchmarks to measure and analyze impact and focus scope of project. This feature becomes instrumental following the implementation phase of cloud migration by evaluating whether the project accomplished its strategic goals.

Tips for successful cloud migration

Also, an excellent Cloud migration strategy consultation should outline tips for ensuring the success of your cloud rollout. An effective method for managing a cloud migration strategy is following a universal checklist that breaks down cloud migration into four major components:

  1. Choosing the right cloud provider 2. Preparing and planning 3. Migrating applications and data 4. Checking and validation

Checking and validation is considered the most important phase. Migration to the cloud may result in the loss of crucial information or prevent critical processes from being run, resulting in a complete organizational failure. Fortunately, a cloud migration strategy that includes iterative testing from the early stages and continues throughout the entire development and implementation leads to the highest chance of success.

Migrating to the cloud can be an intimidating challenge. But working with external consultants can smooth the transition during a cloud migration.

To learn more about how to establish a successful cloud migration strategy, contact the team of IT services experts at Internet Contrasts.