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How Much Money Can Your Business Save With SecureTech’s Managed IT Services?

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We live in a digital period, where Information Technology (IT) is a huge part of every sector and business. Most, if not all, businesses require technology to satisfy their customers and ensure the smooth running of the company. 

While you can have an in-house IT department running your business, getting your IT services outsourced is often better. Most in-house IT staff cannot keep up with the latest tech innovations. As a result, there are lapses, and it becomes hard to sustain the growth of the business in the digital world. 

Hiring Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like SecureTech to handle your IT services, provides your business with many benefits. When you have someone to manage your technology, you have sufficient time to focus on your business. With that, you can make more money, satisfy your customers better and run your business efficiently. 

Why You Should Get Your IT Services Outsourced

Several benefits come with outsourcing your business IT services, especially to MSPs like SecureTech. Most of these benefits aid the growth of your business and overall helps you cut down needless expenses. 

Here are a few:


One key benefit of using an outsourced IT department is its cost-efficiency. Hiring and running an in-house IT department can be expensive. You must keep up with several costs to maintain the department. Also, you need to constantly help your employees build up their skills. 

Aside from the payment of wages and salaries, there are other expenses that cannot be left out. This includes: 

  • Training expenses – Constant training is required to keep the IT staff up to date and informed in the IT field. 
  • Employee benefits – This includes paid leave, retirement wages, insurance. 
  • Hiring costs – Hiring a new employee is not cost-free. Funds are required to cover the processes involved, such as pre-hire assessment, job board posting, background checks, etc. 
  • Cost of hiring an IT consultant when needed. 

Outsourcing helps you to reduce labor costs and any unplanned service costs. 

Better Cybersecurity

MSPs are better alternatives for protecting your business’s confidential information. Usually, in-house IT staffs lack the necessary resources and expertise to combat security breaches. Having your business managed by an expert outsourced IT department can save you a lot of money and privacy invasion. 

Focus on Important Issues

MSPs are tasked with managing IT services such as cloud backup and recovery, server maintenance, cybersecurity, vendor management, etc. Outsourcing these services to an expert IT team helps you relieve stress and save more time. Thus, you can prioritize other essential aspect of your business. Also, it allows your workers to aim at improving your business rather than solving unending IT issues. 

Avoid Unnecessary Downtime

Another benefit of outsourcing your IT services is to prevent prolonged and unnecessary downtime. Network downtime can cost your business several thousands of dollars within a short period. 

Having a proactive MSP like SecureTech, handle your services can save you the money and stress that comes with prolonged downtimes. Rather than wait until there is an issue, MSPs have the necessary tools to monitor and manage potential problems even before they become one. And if things go south, they have the tools and expertise to restore the services in no time. 

IT Advice from Professionals

Relying on your in-house IT employees for IT advice when making decisions for your business is not a good idea. MSPs are a team of IT experts with knowledge of how to make things work. Thus, they are better suited to provide you with great suggestions to achieve your business goals. 

Full-time Customer Support

Most MSPs provide 24/7 support for their customers. They are available to offer help when the need arises. Instead of depending on your few in-house employees for customer support, you can outsource this service to a team of IT professionals. 

How Much Money Can Your Business Save With SecureTech? 

On average, most MSPs charge $150 per month per user. The total cost per annum is $18000 for 10 employees or $180000 for a larger business with 100 employees. When compared to the wages of hiring an in-house IT manager, it is evident that outsourcing is more affordable. The money required to outsource your IT services to a team of several IT professionals might be just enough to hire 1 or 2 in-house staff. 

The cost of training employees is also an additional expenditure. IT training is not particular to new hires alone but also the existing staff. It is crucial to keep up with the latest innovations to thrive in the tech sector. 

Maintaining an in-house team can also get pretty hard. For example, your employees might see a better pay someday and leave your business. When this happens, you have to hire new employees, and this process would cost you several thousands of dollars as well. Therefore, you have to constantly offer your employees a pay rise and more rewarding benefits to keep hold of them. That way, you can keep them from leaving your company for greener pastures. 

Outsourcing your IT services will save you all these stress and expenses. Once you sign an agreement with the right MSP, you do not have to constantly offer them a pay rise to ensure they stay committed. 

Choosing the right MSP for your business will help you cut down your expenses and accelerate the growth of your business. The members of the outsourced IT department are professionals and have areas of focus and expertise. As a result, they offer better attention and support than an in-house team can give. 

MSPs like SecureTech are dedicated to helping your business grow. Thus, you can’t go wrong with them handling your business tech.

Some of the services your business can enjoy from SecureTech include – 

  • Full-time customer support service team. 
  • Cloud backup and quick data recovery. 
  • Monitoring and fixing network issues. 
  • Security against malicious hackers or spyware. 
  • Better support and expertise. 
  • Consultation and expert IT advice.
  • Working with IT vendors. 
  • Managing software. 

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