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8 Key Pieces Of Info That Help IT Companies Deliver The Best Service

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Customer service is the lifeblood of any business. It’s typical of IT companies to promote their customer service. The numbers, however, reveal that unsatisfactory customer service is a global issue.
According to Microsoft’s Global State of Customer Service report, customers who believe that customer service is becoming worse grew by three points, reaching 37%.

So, what customer service approach should IT companies adopt to form long-lasting relationships that the customers want to pursue?

A vital part of SecureTech’s customer service strategy revolves around gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s business and their plans for the near future. We do this with an onsite Technology Business Review revolving around the following:

1- Discussions with the Staff

We want to understand what technology your staff uses. By talking with your team at the beginning of the Technology Business Review we gain a first-hand account of any pain points within the existing setup and identify areas for improvement.

2- Analyzing the current IT processes

The SecureTech team also engages in a thorough analysis of the current IT processes in the organization, covering several key aspects such as trouble tickets, purchase approvals, and strategic planning undertaken by the IT teams.

3- Network Scanning

As part of the onboarding process, we will run scans of your network to identify active devices by employing a range of features in the network protocol. We would need a temporary domain administrator account that can be deleted or disabled post scanning along with global admin access to Microsoft 365. Access to a few other resources will also be required for the smooth scan.

4- IT Budget Evaluation

We also look at IT spending to evaluate your current IT budget to check whether the purchases are in line with the designated budget. This process involves phone and internet bills, print and messaging services, tech-related purchases, and new and past technology related projects.

5- Vendor Review

We also audit all your technology vendors, including those that provide software belonging to various domains such as the following:
• Accounting Software
• Human Resources/Payroll
• Background Checks
• Time Keeping Software
• Document Management Software
• PDF Software
• Point of Sale – Credit Card Machines
• Telecom – Internet, Phone, and Fax

6- Backup and Recovery Strategy

As part of developing a robust backup and recovery strategy, we assess the current backups in place
and how they are being tested for recovery. We also look into the expected possibilities of data
restoration relevant to different scenarios, insurance policies, errors and omissions, cybersecurity,
and general business liability.

7- Policies

To ensure that your information security policies secure the organization from all ends, we analyse
any policies governing the access of data or the utilization of the company’s IT assets.

8- Compliancy

To assess the compliance you implement as part of the adherence to internal policies and external
laws, we look into the past audits and infractions, unsatisfactory current scenarios, and potential
future compliance issues.

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IT poses a major challenge to most businesses regardless of their size. Staying abreast of
the evolving technology involves managing costs related to technology in line with
contemporary trends.
This is where we come in!
Our comprehensive list of elements that impact IT enables us to recommend a clear pathway that
efficiently manages IT-related costs.
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