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Benefits of Local IT Service Over National Chains

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With more organizations turning to outsourcing for their IT needs, it’s more important than ever to select the right IT partner. This decision can affect the day-to-day efficiency of your business as well as its potential for growth in the future. National chains can make compelling arguments with large portfolios of IT solutions and affordable pricing. However, the smaller IT companies that pop up when you look for “IT services near me” on Google can make better partners.

Similar capabilities

Outsourced IT services represent a worldwide market worth over $92 billion. Outsourcing is an appealing solution for many organizations because it gives you access to a wider pool of talents and specialties.

It’s true that national chains shine when it comes to delivering IT capabilities. However, the experts you’ll find by searching for ” IT services near me ” are just as competent.

Resolving tickets

National providers have a much larger client base and deal with higher volumes of tickets. In an effort to be more efficient, these companies often assign tickets to whoever is available. That means you won’t always work with the same person.

Smaller services that pop up when you search ” IT services near me ” typically have dedicated account managers. The same person who manages the onboarding process will handle tickets and future projects. This person will get to know the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure.

This approach often resolves tickets faster. Plus, technicians will be more likely to take the time to follow up and make sure you’re happy with the outcome.

The potential for innovation

Getting to know vendors and partners can help you outperform similar organizations.

Because smaller IT providers better understand your unique needs, they can make better recommendations to help you grow. As a result, local IT services can offer greater potential for innovation.

On-site calls

Due to their large size, major IT chains typically have locations in big cities. However, the nearest one might be a few miles away. It can translate into higher costs and longer ticket resolution times for on-site calls.

If you type ” IT services near me “into your search engine, you’ll find local providers who are only a few minutes away from your facility. The result is lower costs and faster response times for on-site calls.


Whether you’re outsourcing IT or another process, culture is important. The right vendor can strengthen your own company culture, a factor that can help organizations bring in up to three times the revenues of businesses without a strong culture.

The service offered by a national IT provider can feel impersonal, but a local provider will likely be a better fit for your company culture. Plus, great customer service and similar core values can lead to higher satisfaction for users. You should also achieve better adoption rates for the new IT solutions you invest in.

SecureTech — one of the top “IT services near me”

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