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Top 10 Benefits of Managed IT Services

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Managed services are for businesses, particularly small to medium sized ones, who need IT support but don’t want the expense of an in-house IT team, so they outsource it. Benefits of Managed IT services let businesses efficiently manage their IT resources and help organizations earn higher revenue and reduce overheads. 

There are different managed IT services. Some of the services provided by MSPs include Cloud computing, network testing, debugging, network connectivity, and Cybersecurity. They also include solving all the necessary networking and storage problems that can cause breakdowns and outages. 

Managed Services are growing in popularity with small businesses, however many still don’t know all the benefits to outsourcing IT

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Although there are numerous benefits of managed IT services, the top 10 most popular and effective ones are: 

  1. Operating Costs Reduction

All businesses need resources to operate and those resources have a price tag associated with them. Without allocating funds to these resources, an enterprise can’t grow or achieve its goals. Now businesses, regardless of size, need sufficient IT resources and a reliable infrastructure. Properly designed and maintained networks help deliver their business’s services to customers. 

Investing in them, however, can result in increased overheads that can hurt a company’s bottom line. Managed IT Service providers, on the other hand, supply your business with all the necessary design and support at a fixed monthly rate which not only reduces overheads, but gives a reliable number you can budget for. 

Moreover, Managed Service Providers don’t charge you when a hardware breakdown occurs, or something goes wrong. All of this is in your operational cost listed in the contract. 

  1. Greater uptime

Uptime is the duration your server and networks remain online. Greater uptime helps a business to operate effectively and be more productive. It helps an organization to deliver solutions and services to customers in an instant. Consistency and rapid issue remediation also helps company’s build and maintain reputations in their market. 

When your technology fails your users’ experience can be negatively impacted and your brand can take a hit. With loss of reputation and brand solidarity, you’ll see a decrease in customers which reduces your income. Not to mention the cost associated with break/fix IT solutions when you’ve found yourself in a breakdown.

But as mentioned earlier, Managed Services include network monitoring, testing, debugging, etc., which of this ensures that you get a higher uptime. It means that your servers remain online most of the time. 

With advanced technologies, MSPs are able to detect and counter any malicious activity before they damage your system. All of this makes sure that your IT systems remain protected. 

  1.  Managed IT Services for small business: Proficiency  

When you have a managed IT service provider by your side, you gain access to a full professional IT staff. The multi-skilled staff has all the necessary knowledge and experience that helps your business grow. 

  • The proficient IT staff makes sure that a problem is solved as soon as it occurs. 
  • It helps your system to perform better and allows you to be more productive. 
  • Choosing managed services allows you to save costs that you’d spend on training your employees to make your business grow. 

By getting Managed Services, you ensure the safety of your IT systems as they are monitored 24/7. Furthermore, they are backed by the most reliable IT experts. 

  1. Cloud computing is made easy.

One of the primary advantages of Managed Services is that it eases Cloud Computing. As the world is digitalizing, more businesses are converting to online services. To solely operate online requires computation power and storage, which companies get through Cloud Computing

Businesses that are not shifting themselves online also require Cloud Computing to manage their database and to handle their IT resources remotely.  However, migrating to the cloud can be challenging for small businesses in particular. It requires sufficient technical knowledge and experience to execute properly. 

  1. Managed IT Services for small business: Flexible

MSPs operate on a monthly fee which helps you save on operating and other overhead costs. In addition to this, Managed Services are flexible, so they allow you to up or downgrade your services depending on your budget or your need. 

Having flexible IT services tailored to your business’s needs is one of the biggest advantages to having an MSP. With your full team of IT experts working your network in precisely the you need it to helps set goals and expectations. 

  1. Compliance

Businesses should be concerned whether their technologies and innovations comply with federal regulations. If you aren’t in compliance or fail to fulfill certain operating standards, you can be heavily penalized and even not be recognized as a legitimate business.

Though every company should be aware that there are safety and operating standards to follow, certain industries such as healthcare or security have even more stringent regulations to follow. With and MSP, you can ensure that your technology is run securely and within standards without having to do the legwork yourself! 

Since many small businesses are unable to dedicate the required resources maintaining and regulating your technology. Managed IT Services will make sure that the latest technologies and practices are being employed so that your business is remains compliant. 

  1. Data recovery in case of disaster or tragedy

Natural disasters or any tragedy can potentially harm your data residing in both on site and off site databases. That loss of data can significantly hurt your business and cause important business and customer data to get leaked or sold on the Dark Web. By partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider through a reliable MSP, you ensure that your data is able to be recovered quickly and with minimal impact to your business. 

  • MSPs continuously backup your data and have a plan on how to secure your data in case any tragedy occurs, including cyberattacks. 
  • MSPs also store your data in their other locations, which reduces the risk of your data being getting lost if an attack happens or a data breach occurs. 

By recovering your valuable data, you can continue to operate effectively and can earn higher revenue. Data protection and backup are some of the key benefits of Managed IT Services. 

  1. Improved staff performance regardless of the location

As Managed IT Services allows you to manage and analyze your IT resources in one place, i.e., data centers, it helps you centralize your whole business process. Centralizing improves your employees’ performance, and also saves you time, and helps your business handle IT resources no matter where you are. 

  • Centralization also helps you manage your data and other resources through virtualizations.
  • It helps you and your staff be more productive and effectively deal with customers all around the world. 
  • Moreover, as your in-house business staff doesn’t have to worry about the complex part of your business (handling your organization’s IT resources), they can maintain productivity. 

By being productive, they can focus on new ideas to make your business grow and build your reputation in the market.

  1. Access to new technology

Having the latest technology is one of the biggest issues that businesses deal with. Small businesses don’t have the resources or the cash to upgrade their equipment. In addition to this, small organizations lack technical knowledge and expertise. These can cause issues when trying to implement new technologies. 

Pairing with an MSP will help small businesses get the right, new equipment for their needs and make sure they run as expected. With these new technologies, you can keep with in your local, national and even international market garnering better brand recognition in shorter periods of time.  

Outside market competition, keeping your technology up to date allows you to be more versatile and resourceful when making your technology work for you. 

  1. A bridge between your vendors and your staff

Managed Service Providers act as a bridge between IT vendors and in-house staff. Managing and keeping track of all IT vendors is exhausting and time-consuming. Moreover, this can lead to decreased productivity. 

But MSPs effectively keep track of all your vendors and negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best equipment at the lowest prices. 

Pros of Managed Services-Conclusion

MSP’s can push a company’s growth at an accelerated rate through the support they offer. SecureTech has been operating in San Antonio, TX since 2002 and has the experience, knowledge, and talented staff you need to help grow your company. Contact us today to learn what progress we can help you achieve.