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Managed Network Services Use MDM to Turn Cellphones into Business Tools

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Mobile devices such as cellphones have been a leading business driver for managed network services. As this technology advances, so do the number of opportunities for businesses. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions boost the growth of cellphone use. From mobile telephone solutions, cellphones have now become powerful business tools. There is no single use for this type of technology, as the use of MDM spans every industry imaginable.

MDM in the retail sector

One of the most well-known use cases for MDM as a retail business tool is placing devices into single-application kiosk mode. For example, smaller businesses with smaller budgets can turn a company cellphone into a point-of-sale (POS) terminal. Companies can also turn these devices into information screens for guests in waiting rooms. Does your business need self-checkout capability? This capacity is yet another practical use of MDM. In the restaurant industry, MDM’s single-application kiosk mode can provide a range of abilities, from placing food orders to overseeing restaurant seating.

MDM in transportation and logistics

MDM ensures that any enrolled device has the applications needed to get the job done. When it comes to managing transportation or logistics plans, registered devices can access custom applications. For instance, custom apps on a cellphone can scan barcodes, help locate deliveries and carry out other valuable tasks. If your organization has compliance concerns, MDM can enforce policies to keep your business on track. As a result, your company can keep things running around the clock when it has teams out on the road. And thanks to cellphones using MDM, warehouse workers are no longer tied down to aging systems.

MDM in health care

The health care industry benefits greatly from the ease of use offered by cellphones enrolled in an MDM platform. For instance, MDM covers a broad range of services, from assisting in-home health aides to remote patient monitoring. In health care, these devices are often used to handle and store highly sensitive patient data. However, MDM allows managed network services to deploy devices securely so that the sensitive data they process stays out of the wrong hands. In addition, health care providers can establish central management of HIPAA regulations and other guidelines for all enrolled devices. MDM also offers conditional access policies, which serve up data to the right users under the right conditions. As a result, users can only log in from a particular place or specific time. So, these protocols protect data by preventing users from logging in from anywhere.

Managed network services with SecureTech

Here at SecureTech, we have great response times that are superior to the industry standards. In addition, we configure our tools to maximize automation instead of manual labor. We are a top-tier provider in implementing and managing MDM platforms, so let us help you turn your cellphones into value-driving business tools. Our trained staff can easily install and manage MDM platforms to meet your company’s needs.

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