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How an MSP Maintains Network Security Standards

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According to the Federal Communications Commission, digital information theft has become the most widely reported fraud, towering above physical theft. This makes cybersecurity a critical aspect for businesses across various industries. In turn, this also calls for making network security standards an integral part of your organization.

The process may seem highly daunting at first. But once you choose the right managed services providers (MSPs), it becomes as easy as a walk in the park. By learning how MSPs can protect your business through networking security essentials, you can make an informed decision about joining hands with such a provider.

The Process Begins with a Network Security Standards Audit

When you hire an MSP for network security, your provider typically performs a detailed audit of all associated systems. By making assessments of your network, software, hardware, and backup solutions, your MSP identifies vulnerabilities that expose you to risks.

From there, your MSP can devise a personalized plan to address these shortcomings and establish standards for network security. This ensures that you can protect your organization through a tailor-made approach that addresses your specific needs.

Your MSP Implements Various Security Measures for Your Network

To ensure strong network security, your MSP needs to address various aspects at once. When put together, these measures make for comprehensive security protections for your network, employees, customers, and business.

These measures typically include the following.


A firewall is a security system that monitors and manages your network traffic from internal and external sources. Your firewall allows and blocks network access by following a certain set of rules. This helps prevent malicious actors from accessing your network and the data it holds.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN allows you to access the internet through an encrypted connection. Besides helping you protect your data privacy, this also goes a long way toward safeguarding your information. If unauthorized parties try to access your data, VPN encryption can thwart their attempts. This also makes a VPN an ideal choice for employees who access your systems through public Wi-Fi.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

IDS and IPS are devices that monitor and prevent intrusive access to your network, respectively. These devices add an extra layer of protection by monitoring unwanted traffic and blocking it whenever possible. This ensures that any attempts of unauthorized access to your systems can be dealt with.

Data Leak Prevention

Almost every business handles confidential information with special levels of access for internal teams. If malicious parties or unauthorized employees gain access to this data, you can face serious repercussions. By blocking sensitive information transfer, you can prevent confidential details from being leaked through internal communication.

Information Right Management

Another way to protect confidential information is by managing the roles of employees who are authorized to access these details. By making these measures a part of your network security standards, you can determine access for specific team members. This can also work when you are sharing files and information with external clients to prevent data theft.

Log Generation and Consistent Monitoring

To make sure that your network is only being accessed by authorized personnel, your systems need to generate access logs. These logs encompass your devices, servers, firewalls, and other network components. By monitoring them, your team can have ongoing information about your network security.

While most of these measures are often implemented for a business, the approach is personalized for your requirements. This ensures that your organization is being protected against specific vulnerabilities and risks.

Protect Your Network with the Help of an MSP Today

By joining hands with an experienced MSP, you can make sure to protect your network without stretching yourself thin. Whether you want to meet standards for payment processing or health information management, a seasoned MSP can meet all your needs.

To learn more about how our network security solutions can protect your organization, contact SecureTech today.