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Network Consulting: A Deep Dive Into Your Network Needs

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At SecureTech, we understand that your business is unique. Customers choose you because you offer something other companies don’t. Being unique means you have your own goals, challenges, and needs. And these needs call for an IT infrastructure adapted to your business. With our tailored IT managed service, we can help you build and improve this infrastructure, starting with our network consulting services.

What is a network review?

A network review is part of our network consulting services. During this process, our experts will inspect your network. They will list the different components and look at speed and security, among other things.

Part of this process is about inspecting the hardware you use. Thus, our experts will look at your server room and cabling system. They will also look at the human side of the equation. In other words, they’ll talk to employees and vendors to get a better idea of their experience with your network.

What can a network review uncover?

A review can reveal issues that impact performance or security. It can also uncover some areas that need to be upgraded in the near future as your business grows.

Here are a few steps we take and problems we may find in a network review:

  • We’ll check your configuration. We’ll look at whether routers assign IP addresses properly. Our team will also go over your domain name system configuration to make sure it delivers a good experience for users on your site.
  • We’ll look for problems that can slow down your network. We might find some network congestion or packet loss. Also, we’ll review how you use your bandwidth and determine if you have enough resources.
  • Is your network optimized? We’ll answer this question by looking at how your network routes data. Our review process also includes looking at flow control for sending and getting data.
  • Security is one of our priorities. With 33% of businesses leaving network services exposed, it’s crucial to look for potential weaknesses.
  • Data is a valuable asset. With a total of 181 zettabytes of data estimated to be created worldwide by 2025, most businesses see their datasets increase in size and complexity. We can review your data infrastructure and find ways to improve storage and backup.
  • From checking cables to monitoring central processing unit usage, we’ll check whether your hardware is still adapted to your needs. We’ll also identify any outdated or failing parts.
  • After discussing your future projects, we’ll determine if your network has the right level of scalability.

How we use network consulting services to build your custom solution

We use our findings from the network review as a basis for network consulting. It gives us visibility over your current infrastructure and how it aligns with your needs and goals. We can then use this information to suggest the best solutions for your business.

In short, it allows us to build an ongoing partnership where the goal is to help you get more out of your IT.

Want to learn more about our network consulting solutions in San Antonio, TX? Contact us to schedule your network review!