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Small Business Computers Are Too Often Neglected

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Digital transformation has accelerated since COVID-19. Businesses use tech tools like the cloud, analytics, and more to stay connected and competitive.

Unfortunately, too many small businesses neglect IT. This issue leaves many small business computers vulnerable to attacks. Plus, employees don’t always have access to the right tech tools.

Small business IT trends

Experts believe IT spending will go up by 3% before the end of 2022. Globally, businesses are spending less on hardware and investing more in data center systems, software, and IT services.

Some small businesses are embracing technology. As a result of the pandemic, 63% moved to digital operations. However, 80% of small businesses are still not taking full advantage of what technology can offer.

There are obstacles to developing IT. For three-quarters of small businesses, revenues have been down since COVID-19. Many companies face supply chain issues, labor, or inflation challenges.

Cutting costs is a necessity for many. However, cutting IT spending hurts security and productivity.

Small business computers and cybersecurity

Not having an IT department means no one is keeping the business’s computers safe. Departments with limited resources also often neglect computers.

A computer without proper protection can become an entry point for attackers. They can then access the entire network.

This is a common issue, with only 5% of small business owners considering cybersecurity their top risk. Attackers are aware that small businesses are unprepared, so they disproportionately target these organizations. Ransomware attacks are increasingly preying on small businesses, and 46% of data breaches target small and medium-sized organizations.

These attacks are costly. They lead to downtime and lost revenues. They also affect reputation. Many businesses don’t recover after a widespread breach. Plus, neglecting security can hurt compliance and lead to costly fines.

The good news is that many attacks are preventable. An IT team can install antivirus and firewalls to make computers safer. Practices like patching software can add another layer of security.

Technology and productivity

Technology supports productivity. Among small business owners, 94% say that tech helps them run things more efficiently. Research also shows that businesses with multiple tech platforms make more sales and hire more people.

Employees need tech tools to do their job. Tech can streamline some tasks, and it can improve communication with customers. It’s also essential for remote work.

An IT team can help boost productivity. IT experts can provide support to users, can prevent slow computers and roll out new tech tools as needed, and can implement an IT strategy to develop and maintain a tech infrastructure that supports the changing needs of the business.

Get help from a managed IT service company

Creating an in-house IT department can be costly, but it’s not the only solution. Small businesses can rely on a managed IT service provider to meet their tech needs.

As a managed IT service provider, in the San Antonio area, SecureTech takes a personalized approach to help small businesses and other organizations. We can address security concerns, keep your small business computers in good working order, and maintain other elements of your IT infrastructure. Contact us to learn more!