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Strategic Roadmap: Technology Assessment Services

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In an era where technological advancements are rapid and transformative, businesses find themselves at the crossroads of innovation and necessity. Navigating this intricate landscape requires a keen understanding of one’s technological infrastructure, capabilities, and areas for improvement. Technology Assessment Services have become the guiding force, offering businesses a systematic and insightful examination of their technological ecosystem.

We’ll delve deeper into SecureTech’s Technology Business Review and the critical role that technology assessment services play in enabling businesses to adapt, thrive, and stay ahead.

Technology Assessment Services: TBR

Conducting a comprehensive Technology Business Review is our initial step toward establishing a baseline. It involves a thorough evaluation of your current IT infrastructure and its alignment with your business operations. Our network consultants specialize in gauging the efficiency and security of your network, pinpointing areas for enhancement.

Our TBR encompasses a physical inspection, network scans to identify IT assets, and an audit of your security systems. Additionally, we engage with your employees and vendors who interact with your business’s IT infrastructure. Our comprehensive Technology Assessment Services provide an IT Asset Audit, Network Audit, Risk Assessment, SWOT Analysis, Lifecycle Management, IT Best Practices, and Technology Roadmap with IT Budgeting.

Our IT Consulting is executed either onsite or remotely, depending on your business’s requirements. For us to deliver optimal results, full access to your business’s computer systems and physical facilities is essential.

A Deeper Look

IT Asset Audit & Network Audit

We analyze all aspects of your network to identify issues with assets required for you to operate your business.

We compare your current infrastructure to industry standards and gauge how aligned the current network is with those standards. Our report outputs a list of risks and possible breakdowns associated with being out of alignment, as well as specific actions to address those risks. We also include a breakdown of immediate needs and an outline of long-term strategy, timeline, and budget

Our assessment outlines your Servers and Storage, Voice, Fax, Network Infrastructure, Endpoints, Applications, Collaboration Software, Web Technologies, Security, Strategies, Spare Inventory, Policies, and Compliance.

SWOT Analysis

The IT SWOT analysis is a structured method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats affecting an IT network. The analysis identifies internal and external issues that are favorable and unfavorable to increasing the overall network health and security of the environment. Upon completing the SWOT analysis, we will develop a list of recommendations and suggestions aligned with the organization’s achievable goals and objectives.

Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to the organization and include issues the organization has direct control over. For example, deciding whether to replace old computer hardware, moving to a hosted mail service, or allowing mobile device use or upgrading to a new operating system.

Opportunities and Threats are external to the organization and therefore cannot be controlled directly. For example, evaluating carrier bandwidth, identifying security issues associated with wireless communications, or recognizing risks of being located in geographically unstable areas prone to earthquakes or hurricanes.

Identification of SWOTs is crucial because they form the basis for planning, enabling the achievement of realistic IT objectives.

Consolidated Risk Report

The report details the scan tasks undertaken to discover security issues. In addition to the overall Consolidated Risk Score, the report also presents separate risk scores for all IT assessments (Network, Security, Exchange, SQL Server) and compliance assessments (HIPAA and PCI) performed on the network environment. This includes a summary of individual issues, as well as their severity and weighting within the risk analysis. 

At the end of the report, you can find a summary of the assets discovered on the network, in addition to other useful information organized by assessment type.

Risk analysis and risk management are not one-time activities. Risk analysis and risk management are dynamic processes that must be periodically reviewed and updated in response to changes in the environment. The risk analysis will identify new risks or update existing risk levels resulting from environmental or operational changes. The output of the updated risk analysis will be an input to the risk management process to reduce newly identified or updated risk levels to reasonable and appropriate levels

Technology Roadmap & Budgeting

Our Technology Roadmap & Budgeting tool serves as a strategic guide, offering a seamlessly structured timeline for effortless navigation. This comprehensive roadmap presents a clear snapshot of the project’s status, proposed solutions, targeted implementation quarter, and the corresponding budget, providing a user-friendly format for streamlined planning and decision-making.

By integrating key components into a visually intuitive layout, our roadmap empowers teams to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and stay on course with strategic objectives. With each milestone and financial aspect clearly delineated, this roadmap becomes an invaluable asset in fostering transparency, collaboration, and successful execution within your technological endeavors.

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