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Why Ethernet Cabling is Essential for Your Network

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You might have a loose understanding of ethernet cabling, but what is it exactly, and is it essential for your network? The short answer is that an ethernet cable lets your computer connect physically to the internet, and it’s most certainly important! Read on to learn more about this essential computer network.

Wire vs. Wireless

The majority of businesses and homes connect to the internet wirelessly, using Wi-Fi. Signals are broadcast throughout the building, allowing devices to communicate without wires or hard hookups. This is wonderfully convenient for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, an ethernet cable makes more sense if you’re using a desktop computer or don’t move your laptop very often.

An ethernet cable is faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi. If you’ve ever had a spotty wireless internet connection, you know how frustrating that can be. Instead, an ethernet cable is a cord that runs from your computer to your router, modem, or network, connecting you directly to the internet. This stable connection is critical when you’re speaking virtually to clients, running multiple programs at once, or don’t want to fuss with drops in internet speed.

Ethernet cables and Wi-Fi have pros and cons, depending on your unique needs.

Pros of Ethernet Cabling:

  • Faster speeds.
  • More reliable.
  • Security.

Cons of Ethernet Cabling:

  • Limited mobility.
  • Smaller devices can’t connect.
  • Wear and tear on cables.

In many cases, people have both an ethernet cable and Wi-Fi in their workplaces and homes. This way, they enjoy the convenience of a wireless internet connection when they’re on the move, along with the reliability of an ethernet cable.

Why Ethernet Cabling is Essential

We’ve touched on the speediness of ethernet cables, and this point can’t be understated. Don’t confuse them with regular network cables since ethernet can support faster speeds, allowing your device to operate as quickly as possible.

Ethernet cables also provide more security than a wireless connection. Since Wi-Fi signals are available to anyone nearby, they can be accessed by tech-savvy hackers. With an ethernet cable, no one can access your network without a line running directly into your office.

This wired option is also better for your bottom line and the environment, as it uses less energy than wireless connections. Saving some green is a win-win for you and Mother Earth.

Ethernet cables are also simple and convenient for professionals to install. They come in various colors and lengths, so organizing and managing your networks is a breeze. However, you’re not in this alone. Trust the professionals at Secure Tech to design a network system that makes sense for your business. With our unique assessment, design, implementation, and support strategy, we’re with you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn about your internet connection options!