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Why Most Executives Struggle With IT even in 2022?

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Digital technology is accelerating at such a rapid pace that CEOs and Top Executives are having difficulty keeping up with the advances and some businesses are failing to stay ahead of the curve.

Many executives struggle with IT, and the results can be disastrous for their organizations. To keep pace, they must embrace technological advancements and new ways to keep the companies competitive.

Executives Struggle To Keep Up With Information Technology

Executives often struggle with information technology for two main reasons. First, technology has advanced so rapidly that they no longer feel current with modern IT practices. Secondly, because of a lack of technological acumen, they can’t manage technology to correctly reinvent their business strategy.

Recent IBM studies have found that executives who use IT to consistently “reinvent” their business strategies and brand led far and away the most successful companies. However, only 39% of the 12,854 executives IBM surveyed actually qualified as “successful reinventors.”

Technology is advancing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Executives that are not capable of employing IT to their advantage in new and inventive ways must learn to do so to keep their businesses viable and competitive.

To avoid struggling with IT a company has 2 paths: Hire through the payroll an IT engineer or get managed IT services company from outside.

The advantage that a managed IT services company gives you is that you have a complete multidisciplinary team of professionals serving your IT needs at the same cost or less.

Keep Up With IT, Get Outside Help

For executives, every investment has to be justified to a board of investors and often must have a proven return on investment within a short amount of time. Or do they?

Amazon operated for 14 years at a loss after its founding. However, the company is currently one of the most profitable in the world because Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was ahead of the IT curve. He saw the potential for an online marketplace, and now Amazon completely dominates the online shopping industry.

Executives and investors must be willing to take risks for their organizations to succeed, and should highly consider outsourcing their IT needs to reliable experts. These experts should be entrusted with providing them the data that they need, not the data they want.

Internal IT departments feeding executives false positives or executives intentionally misreading data to confirm their own agenda can be a huge problem.

Executives who succeed in today’s digital world will rely on data that has been checked by multiple sources and will trust the veracity of that data. They can no longer afford to view technology as a mere aspect of their business.

Instead, they must learn to view technology as the engine driving their business forward. Those that adopt this style of thinking will learn how to remain ahead of the curve and chase worthwhile investments. Meanwhile, those who remain trapped in traditional models of thinking will quickly fall behind.

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