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Why Small Businesses Stand to Lose Without a Cyber Security Consultant

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Figures released by the U.S National Cyber Security Alliance show that 60% of small companies dissolve within six months of sustaining a cyber attack. 

In an increasingly internet-driven business environment, terms like data security, breaches, and ransomware have become commonplace. Despite cyberattacks being an “extinction-level event” for small businesses, they often operate under the assumption that their nominal size makes them immune. In the current cyber-threat landscape, cybercriminals do not discriminate, but this false sense of security explains why so many SMBs lack adequate cyber-security measures. 

Cybersecurity Consultants at the rescue of Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)

With a cyber security consultant on board, you can develop effective strategies to minimize the damage caused by a cyber disaster.

Cyber security consultants are cost-effective

Implementing an IT security strategy may appear to be an additional expense. Cyber security consultants, however, are a viable alternative to full-time cyber security personnel. For audits and security reviews, consultants can also be hired on a per-project basis. This is an excellent idea if maintaining the business’s security infrastructure does not require a long-term commitment. 

Small businesses can protect themselves by working with security consulting firms

Organizations are protected by security firms through a range of technologies and processes to prevent, detect and manage cyber threats, including the following:

  • Planning for disaster recovery and contingency plans in the event of a security breach
  • Deploying advanced analytics tools to detect emerging threat patterns and potential vulnerabilities
  • Investigating security alerts and ensuring appropriate incident response
  • Delivering effective cyber security awareness training for the employees across different departments

Protecting digital assets such as “data” from theft is just as critical as protecting physical assets.

Cyber Security Consultant – a competitive advantage

Consumers are becoming more aware of their personal data’s vulnerability. Because of this they are becoming more selective in choosing which companies they will trust with their data. Small businesses who operate with a security-first mentality as a part of their IT strategy can enhance their customers’ confidence and hence their commercial reputation. Doing so can help achieve leverage over competitors with a lack of data security measures in place. 

A Cyber Security consultant can prevent you from becoming another number in the small business cybercrime statistics

As a small business, it’s easy to assume that hackers have no reason to pursue your data. However, a business of a smaller nature stands to lose much more than a larger one if targeted. This is why it’s essential to engage the services of security consulting firms or hire a consultant. 

A report by IBM, which places the average cost of a cyber threat to small organizations at $7.68 million, sheds light on the gravity of the situation. 

If you don’t make a move – the bad guys will! Why risk it when the survival of your business is on the line?