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Advanced Malware Protection- Why do you need it?

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Advanced Malware Protection has become more important than ever before. People and businesses often see free versions of Antivirus and try to cut the price of Malware protection and think that’s sufficient to protect their data, but it isn’t. Often you get what you pay for, and in today’s technology landscape, security threats are more prevalent than ever. Businesses need to protect themselves with the right security layers.

Advanced malware threats are a recurring problem that plagues businesses in every industry today. As soon as software companies and cybersecurity experts deploy new protection against one threat, cybercriminals devise a more sophisticated method to circumvent its defenses.

Malware and ransomware attacks are at the highest levels, and it costs companies big dollars to fix and/or they lose their data forever, and to put a price on that is hard. Therefore, having a holistic, enterprise-wide malware protection strategy is critical to detecting, preventing, and removing threats to your computer systems effectively and efficiently.

What is Malware Protection?

To better understand what malware protection is, you first need to know what malware does.  Malware is a combination of “malicious software.” It refers to any intrusive software designed and developed by cybercriminals (or “hackers”) to steal data and damage or destroy computers and computer systems.

Malware comes in a bewildering variety of forms. Examples of common cybersecurity threats that fall into the category of malware include viruses, worms, Trojan viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. Although personal vigilance is the first layer of protection against malware, it simply isn’t enough.

Malware protection is the second essential layer of protection for your computer or network. It encompasses a robust anti-virus software package, the primary component of technological defenses that every personal and business computer should have for secured protection against all kinds of cybersecurity threats.  

Why Free Malware Versions won’t cut it

Free anti-virus programs only offer a basic level of protection for your computer. They may protect you from common, known computer viruses, but they still leave you vulnerable to yet unknown threats. More reasons why free versions won’t cut it is because:

They sell your information

Free versions of malware protection often come with a hidden price. There have been reports of free anti-virus companies harvesting users’ data to sell to marketers. Some browser extensions even collect your information claiming that they need to be ‘de-identified,’ thus protecting your privacy. In contrast, they sell this information to third parties, exposing users’ real identities, including every click and search they’ve made.

They install unwanted apps and/or toolbars

Using free versions of malware protection also exposes your computer system to intrusion from unwanted apps and/or toolbars. Many software companies and anti-malware providers often package adware and even distribute other potentially unwanted programs or PUPs along with their free versions, including dubious PC utilities, browser toolbars, and even browser hijackers.

They advertise products/marketing

Software companies that provide free anti-malware protection also use it to make money off their users through advertising. While these ads may not be as intrusive as upgrade prompts, they still affect the user experience. Some adware even monitors your behavior online so it can target you with specific ads.

When you have Advanced Malware protection with SecureTech:

Hitman Pro is an advanced malware protection software from SecureTech that offers you the most comprehensive protection money can buy! When you have advanced malware protection with SecureTech, you will enjoy the following benefits:

More secure

With HitmanPro, your computer security is guaranteed. It checks any newly downloaded program to ensure it is malware-free and regularly scans your computer to detect and remove any malware that might have slipped through. It is also regularly updated to recognize the latest threats.

Lesser Footprint

The application’s footprint on your computer is usually smaller, without any unwanted apps, toolbars, ads, etc. HitmanPro provides advanced malware protection in a cloud-based solution that delivers tools for email archiving, continuity, backup and recovery, etc. 

Extra Layer of Protection

HitmanPro offers another layer of protection and catches things simple Anti-virus may miss. It scans for destructive behaviors that may indicate new threats and/or new zero-day threats, not just threats already identified as malicious.

Utilizes Multiple Databases

HitmanPro leverages malware databases from multiple security experts when scanning for malware and cleans them up to enable your system to stand up to today’s evolving threat landscape.

Cleans up and Restores Itself

Malware piggybacks on various programs to gain access to your computer. Our Advanced Malware Protection cleans up after itself when malware is removed and will restore damaged resources if applicable to their original state.