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Hitman Pro: Get The Best Malware Protection In Real-Time

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Fact: 70% of attacks suffered by companies came from malware in 2020

Why Hitman Pro? Malware attacks are a substantial issue since no business or individual can afford a data breach. The best malware protection tool doesn’t just guarantee your safety as a netizen but also improves your experience by blocking malware. However, most anti-malware utilities clog users’ systems due to their massive size or background processes, resulting in downtimes. 

Given the following statistic, not having robust virus malware protection is out of the question, so what to do?

Detections of newly developed malware reached their highest in a decade in 2020


HitmanPro for Advanced Malware Removal

Hitman Pro hits the spot by ensuring that you’re staying ahead of the penetrative cybercriminals without sending your system in a complete meltdown. 

Here is how:

  1. A lightweight utility

HitmanPro is only 10MB and can be downloaded in seconds. Plus, it doesn’t require any installation – just run Hitman after you download the file! You can have Hitman Pro running on all infected devices for maximum protection with one button click.

  1. Powerful cleaning 

HitmanPro performs its malware research by leveraging malware databases from five security labs, including SophosLabs, to be incredibly thorough when scanning for spyware and Trojans on your computer system and removing them with pinpoint accuracy if found. 

  1. Greater depth of malware detection

In today’s hostile internet, our connected devices are persistently under attack. Online threats often hold the potential to affect critical system files and boot records to manipulate the Windows operating system. HitmanPro eliminates such threats from your system’s running environment and start-up mechanism. 

A lesson to learn from the Malware Bytes hack 

Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes: A well-known malware provider, Malwarebytes, came under attack in 2020 when hackers broke into their system undetected as part of a high-profile coordinated attack, causing users to uninstall it from their systems immediately.

The hacking of a malware provider can significantly affect its users, but not if the users have the option of having the malware only populate on their system during scheduled scans – a feature that makes Hitman Pro a cut above the rest. Your data and network can thus remain far more secure with Hitman Pro than with any other malware-protecting utility. 

Hitman Pro- The Comprehensive virus malware protection solution 

Hitman Pro offers advanced malware protection and monitors downloads, observes system activity for malicious programs/suspicious behavior, and provides a secure browser experience with all these tools built into a single package. It does so by leveraging malware databases from four security labs without requiring any complex installation or costing you an arm and a leg.    

An ounce of prevention that keeps the malicious actors away is worth a pound of cure!