Password Management Services in San Antonio

Why does your company require Password Management Service? If you find yourself using the same password for every website you visit and service you use, you’re not alone. A majority of people recycle passwords regularly, despite most knowing that password recycling is a dangerous habit.

For companies, poor password management poses a significant threat. Frequently, employees or executives are put in charge of determining passwords for business-critical accounts and software. Unfortunately, employees and executives appear to recycle passwords in the workplace in much the same way they do at home.

Each year, data breaches in the United States cost companies multiple millions of dollars on average to address. That’s capital many businesses can’t afford to lose. In fact, a vast majority of company data breaches can be traced back to poor password management.

Encouraging better password management – particularly for data-sensitive applications – can alleviate a majority of data-related security concerns for your business. Password management services centralize the management of all your passwords. They’re capable of generating completely random passwords for every service or website you access. The password management service then stores these passwords in one easily accessible location.

Advantages of Password Management Services

A password management service can be installed on mobile devices and browsers for easy access, no matter where you are. The service can be used to store any number of corporate passwords and is accessed using a master password.

Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to commit dozens of complicated passwords to memory. Writing down passwords isn’t a great solution either because paper can easily be lost. By storing passwords on a device, and protecting those passwords with one master password, a password management service circumvents both of these issues.

Additionally, this type of service doesn’t use cloud storage to save passwords, making it exceedingly difficult for cybercriminals to access. Password management enables access to more secure and varied passwords without having to leave a paper trail or use variants of the same passwords.

Ultimately, using password management service is an easy way for businesses to simultaneously increase cybersecurity while decreasing hassle for employees and executives. Today, there’s simply no reason not to use this kind of protection for your business.

Password Management Services that you can Trust

SecureTech offers a cutting-edge services that ensures password recycling becomes a thing of the past for its clients. This service is capable of storing and pushing passwords for web-based apps and provides copy-paste access to applications.

With cyberattacks on the rise and data more valuable than ever for businesses, there’s no better time to invest in a password management service for your company.

Contact SecureTech to learn more about how a password management system can keep your business safe.