Top 4 Reasons to Work with a CyberSecurity Cnsulting Team
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Top 4 Reasons to Work with A Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team

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No matter what size of business you own, working with a cybersecurity consulting management team is important to create an effective cybersecurity procedure. Many businesses believe that cybersecurity is only important for large enterprises, but the fact is every company should have cybersecurity practices in place. 

About 58% of malware attacks small businesses, and about 60% of small businesses completely go out of business within a few months of being attacked. If you weren’t sure about cybersecurity consulting before, those statistics should make it clear that everyone needs to enact security policies to protect their business’s data.

With cybercrime’s consistent rise, it’s no surprise that organizations are reserving more and more budget to get cybersecurity services by collaborating with cybersecurity consulting management.

Cybercrimes are constantly rising.

Cybercrime is on the rise and businesses are extremely prone to get attacked and suffer severe damage due to ineffective cybersecurity practices. Every day we hear news about various cybersecurity threats and victims of attacks from all over the word. 

Important stats:

  1. There was a huge increase in cybercrimes during the covid-19 pandemic with an uptick in sophisticated phishing schemes. Malicious emails are being sent from the CDC (the Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) representatives.
  2. Usually, these emails come with a malicious link and are designed to trick and deceive recipients into taking action by clicking that link or opening an attachment containing a virus.
  3. 92% of malware is being delivered by phishing emails.
  4. In 2018, ransomware attacks rose 350% all around the world.
  5. By 2021, ransomware attacks are estimated to cost $6 trillion per annum.
  6. About 98% of cyberattacks are relying on social engineering.
  7. According to 56% of IT decision-makers, targeted phishing attacks are a major security threat at present.
  8. About $2.4 million is a business’s average cost for a malware.
  9. In 2018, about 80,000 cyberattacks occurred daily, while businesses were receiving more than 30 million attacks per year.
  10. In 2020, around 500,000 zoom passwords were stolen, which were later available for sale on the crime forums of the dark web.
  11. Around 43% of cyber-attacks are targeting small businesses.

The list of statistics regarding cybersecurity crimes and threats is pretty long, however it drives home the point that every business needs to design a cybersecurity strategy despite their size. Solid cyber security services are even more important when a business embraces the internet and digitization for its day-to-day operations.

Why you need a Cybersecurity Consulting Management Team

  1. To protect your valuable data

Over time, the value of data is increasingly important for every business. This is mainly because machine learning and other technologies rely on data for processing and making informed decisions into customer interests.

Due to the current need for companies to use data processing platforms and tools to store information, the demand for these services has increased dramatically. With this move, cybercriminals have also increased their attacks on these service providers.

Because leaked or misused business data can lead to heavy losses, businesses are responsible for protecting their data with whatever measures they can. By working with a cybersecurity consulting management team, you can rest assured that you’ll have the best strategy to enhance your cybersecurity. 

Comply with Information Security Standards by working with Cybersecurity Consulting Team

Effective cybersecurity consulting management teams will help you comply with the latest information security standard. These consulting management teams are efficient, knowledgeable, and experienced in cybersecurity services.

If your organization is not complying with basic cybersecurity protocol and a breach occurs, your business might incur fines of up to 4% of your annual income.

Therefore, handling, storing, and processing your customers’, employees’, and business; important data should be an essential part of any cybersecurity strategy you build so you can block and remediate any threats before they become incidents.

Cybersecurity consulting management teams will review your business’s needs and create a solution that keeps you in compliance with the top information handling standards. Following the plan they build for you, you will be able to securely handle and store all your essential digital data.

  1. Bring Your Own Device culture.

There are more mobile devices currently in use on this planet than there are people. Taking that into consideration, it’s no wonder that the culture of bringing your own devices is flourishing everywhere.

According to the latest report by Forbes, about 80% of the business organizations all around the United States allow their employees to connect their devices with the company’s network.

People are used to a certain level of ease and access in their everyday lives and expect that same standard in their professional ones. If an employee has a newer device with all the latest technology, but their employer doesn’t, then they will likely opt to use their own. Allowing outside devices to connect to a corporate network however, creates a security risk. To reduce these security related problems, your cybersecurity policies should include a standard for allowing mobile devices to connect to your network.

Even though removing or discouraging BYOD can help you better lock down your security, if an employee uses their device to login to a company site on their mobiles, they’re bringing in a completely unknown network and can pose a huge security risk. Because of this risk, it is always better to collaborate with an effective, talented, and experienced cybersecurity consulting management team to make sure employees can use the company networks with little risk. 

  1. Keep your employees aware.

An improperly trained employee can be one of the greatest risks your company faces, so it is important to create a training plan that teaches them how to spot possible threats. It’s also important to know what threats are flooding the market at any given time so you can inform your staff and teach them how to avoid falling into the security traps laid. Some of the most common forms of employee targeted threats are:

  • Opening a phishing email and acting on the instructions given to it.
  • Clicking on a malicious link
  • Opening an attachment containing malware
  • Sharing their passwords with others
  • Using an insecure network
  • Opening an insecure website 

To develop this awareness and security culture, there must be internal processes in place to make sure you staff is security minded. Cybersecurity services can help build policies and train your staff to make sure they can spot and remediate any cyberthreats they might come across. A good cybersecurity consultant will do all the hard work of training, policy building, threat tracking so your team can focus on their roles without being risks.

  1. Cost reduction

The bottom line is undoubtedly a critical factor in the growth and success of any business organization. It impacts every decision made for your business now and in the future. Because of this, the prospect of hiring a cybersecurity professional can hugely impact your profits. By outsourcing cyber security services, however, you’ll gain access to an entire team of trained professionals for a fraction of the cost tied to one single full-time employee.

Even more, you always have an option to get their services as per your business needs. Most cybersecurity consulting management teams offer different consulting packages that ensure continual support. This not only lets you save money, but enhances the overall efficiency of your business when you are working with top IT professionals to help set up your systems, provide essential monitoring, and upgrade your cybersecurity strategy whenever needed.

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