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Cloud Backup Services: What is Your Recovery Time Objective?

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RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) are important when comparing cloud backup services. These requirements improve preparedness in the event of a disaster. In addition, they can help you measure the performance of your recovery plan.

Here’s what you need to know about RPO and RTO Cyber Security and how disaster recovery solutions companies can help.

What are RPO and RTO?

RPO and RTO are two different metrics. However, they both measure time. They also measure how effective your disaster recovery plan is.

RPO is the oldest acceptable version of your data. So, if you can afford to lose a few days’ worth of data, working with an older RPO is fine. But if you can’t operate without recent data, aim for a recent RPO.

On the other hand, RTO refers to how long it takes to recover your data. A low RTO means that your business is up and running shortly after a data loss. Conversely, a high RTO can indicate that you need a better backup solution.

Cloud backup services and time considerations

You can use RPO and RTO to identify a disaster recovery solutions company that meets your requirements. Knowing your RPO can help you choose the right recovery plan based on backup frequency. Plus, you can track these two metrics to measure and optimize the performance of your recovery plan.

Here’s why your RTO matters:

  • It should reflect how long you can operate without access to your data.
  • It helps you communicate with employees and customers affected by the data loss.
  • If you have a high RTO, develop a recovery plan that includes best practices for working without data.
  • This metric can indicate how effective your cloud-based architecture is. Additionally, you can use it as a starting point for optimizing your architecture.

Choosing the right solution for your needs

Cloud backup providers can tailor their services to your unique requirements. In fact, RPO and RTO are two of the factors they’ll use to develop a personalized solution.

You can organize your data in different tiers based on its importance. More frequent backups for critical data will improve your RTO. Plus, this approach will reduce costs.

Your RTO Cloud requirement can help you choose the right type of data storage. Block storage but it speeds up recovery. So, if cutting costs is a priority, object storage is best.

SecureTech is a cyber security company in San Antonio, TX. We can conduct a business review to assess your RTO and RPO. We will then look at different backup and disaster recovery solutions with you, and recommend the best options. Contact us to schedule a consultation.