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Computer Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Hardware Going

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Computer Maintenance Checklist– Maintaining your computer is as crucial as changing your car engine oil so as to keep it in good working condition and secure. Good computer maintenance practices will not only ensure your computer is running smoothly but also protect your valuable data from cyber security threats. If you are not sure where you should start, here is a PC Maintenance Checklist compiled by our IT support team to keep your hardware going.

Computer Maintenance Checklist- Tips to maintain your Computer Health


Make sure your computer operating system and software are up-to-date. Most computers come with built-in security measures that include the overall computer update and security improvements. So, ensure your computer and data are both protected from system issues and cyber security threats.

Disk Space

Keep an eye on your disk space. If your computer’s hard disk becomes full, the software will stop working properly. It would be best if you freed up space by removing unwanted programs and deleted files that you do not need anymore.

Make sure to clean any temporary files regularly suppose you are using windows 7. You may use the disk clean-up tool on your computer. Ensure you check the box labeled temporary files when cleaning your disk space.

Back up

But a couple of external hard drives that would be helpful for backing up your computer. Suppose you are using a Mac book, the time machine program will automatically back up your computer so long as you plug in the backup drive. Windows PC also allows you to do the same thing. If you experience a disaster the hard drives can be used to recover the data. If needed, you may upload the data to a new computer. Cloud backup service can also assist you greatly since you can never have too many backups.  


Be sure to place your computer or laptop in a place that has good cooling and ventilation. Coolin is essential for the internal components of the laptop or computer. A clean computer will increase the life expectancy of your computer if you follow the right process.

Your cleaning process should include cleaning the openings and keyboard with compressed air to free up some of the dust and allow cooling. Suppose you‘re using a desktop, you should remove the back or side cover of the computer and blow it using compressed air. During this process, the computer should be unplugged as a precautionary measure.


It is very essential to have a good antivirus that scans for new viruses regularly. New virus definitions pop up regularly, so scanning frequently keeps your computer running properly and your data safe.

Idle programs

Removing programs that you do not need or use can be a great idea to protect your computer and allow it to function properly. Removing the programs will help you recover a good amount of space thus increasing the performance of the computer.

Our IT support business has a team of experts that will offer the best IT support to ensure your IT systems function properly. Sticking to a checklist of computer maintenance steps that you need to take will assist you to prolong the lifespan of your computer or laptop. Therefore, you should consider using our detailed computer maintenance checklist.