A vast majority of websites aren’t indexed by search engines. Most of the internet is made up of the deep web, which includes private networks and the dark web. So, that’s the importance of Dark Web Monitoring.

The dark web is playing a significant role in fueling cybercrime since it’s a place where users can anonymously share and sell private information. Identity theft is currently the fastest-growing type of crime.

Anyone who works with data has to be aware of the risks of the dark web since data like login credentials, financial information and intellectual property is extremely valuable.

Dark Web Monitoring Services for Business

Dark web monitoring is a must-have risk management strategy for data breaches. Monitoring the dark web makes you more reactive since it reduces the time between a data leak and its discovery.

As your digital footprint grows, managing credentials and other sensitive information can become challenging. Monitoring helps you assess what has been exposed, the extent of the leak and the most relevant steps to take to mitigate damage.

Integrating dark web monitoring Tools into your cybersecurity strategy will help you adopt a proactive attitude. If you know your data has been exposed, you can change compromised passwords, revoke authorizations for leaked user accounts or take additional steps to monitor your system for signs of a broader issue.

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is an automated service that continuously scans the dark web for your sensitive information. You can use it to look for information that is valuable on the dark web, including passwords, Personal Identifying Information, login credentials, credit card numbers, emails and Protected Health Information.

You should also monitor the dark web for data linked to business secrets and intellectual property. Business credentials are especially valuable since a criminal could use them to gain access to a private network, where they could steal personal or financial information.

You can configure your Dark Web monitoring tool to indicate what kind of information you want to scan the dark web for. The easiest way to look for data linked to your business is to use your domain name to scan for compromised email addresses and user credentials.

Why choose Us for Dark Web Monitoring MSP in San Antonio?

SecureTech specializes in IT and security solutions for businesses. Its IC Armor (dark web monitoring tool) scans the dark web for information that is relevant to your business and intellectual property. You will receive real-time notifications if any of your information is compromised.

You don’t have to wait until data theft is a problem for your organization. Be proactive: Choose the information you want to monitor, set preferences to have IC Armor scan the dark web daily or monthly, and manage permissions to control who has access to the tool and who receives alerts.

Security is one of SecureTech’s areas of expertise. Its team of experienced professionals can help you customize SecureTech IC Armor to look for the sensitive information that is most relevant to your existing cybersecurity risks. Contact SecureTech to find out more about how you can mitigate risks linked to data breaches.