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Exploring the Benefits of Managed IT for Lawyers

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Did you know that a majority of courts are still using virtual hearings? This practice, adopted during the pandemic, shows how the justice system embraces tech.

Adopting digital trends, starting with a sound IT process, is crucial to growth for law firms.

Why Technology Matters

The legal tech market is worth $28 billion. With more solutions than ever available, law firms are building tech stacks that create value. These tools can streamline essential processes, facilitate access to information, automate tasks, and more.

As digital documents and data become critical, law firms also use IT tools to address security and privacy concerns. With data showing that most law firms are overconfident regarding security, adopting these tools should be a priority.

The right IT tools can support a wide range of business goals, including:

  • Freeing up valuable time.
  • Improving client experience and communication.
  • Making remote work possible.
  • Supporting digital interactions with the court system.
  • Helping grow and scale the practice.

The Benefits of Managed IT for Lawyers

A managed IT service is a partner who handles your IT needs. This approach saves time and cuts costs compared to creating an in-house team. You can also leverage the expertise of a diverse and experienced team.

Here are some of the solutions a managed IT service provider can implement.

  • Document Management — This IT tool organizes essential documents and messages for each case. It also helps you comply with regulations.
  • CRM — A CRM platform can automate marketing tasks and improve client communication.
  • Legal Research Database — Your IT partner can help manage access to these helpful research tools.
  • Security — Criminals often target law firms because they have valuable data. After reviewing your risks, a managed IT service provider can develop a customized security plan.
  • Task Management — Your team can collaborate and be more productive with a task management tool.
  • Practice Management — IT solutions can automate essential tasks from billing to time tracking.
  • Scalability — Managed IT providers are partners for growth. They can roll out new solutions, help you move to the cloud, or expand your data storage.

Get Started With Managed IT for Lawyers

SecureTech is a managed IT provider in the San Antonio area. We can support your law firm’s goal by creating a customized IT plan and addressing your unique IT stack.

Learn more about managed IT for lawyers by scheduling a free IT consultation.