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How Much Cloud Storage for Business Does Your Company Require?

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Whether you need a reliable solution for backups or want to access your data from anywhere, the cloud is a flexible and cost-effective solution. However, businesses are often unsure of how much cloud storage they need. Let’s take a look at three different scenarios to get a better idea of how much cloud storage for business is right for you.

How much cloud storage do you need?

On average, businesses spend $11.64 on storage per employee. However, the best cloud storage for business depends on the size. You should also consider factors like compliance and the amount of data you generate.

Small businesses (fewer than 10 employees)

A backup that activates for a mix of five shared and individual folders once a week would be great for a business with ten or fewer employees. Allocating 10GB of cloud storage per user would be reasonable.

Mid-size businesses (10-50 employees)

A larger organization would require a different approach to cloud storage and data backup. If a business has 32 employees, adopting a roles-based strategy would make sense.

Teams that produce a lot of data can benefit from having individual backup folders for each employee. It doesn’t have to be an organization-wide measure since some teams could share folders.

You should think about getting 1TB of storage, so you don’t have to worry about limits.

More frequent backups are best for this company size. Tiering data could help you control costs too. A first-tier with daily backup will help you preserve your mission-critical data. However, you could back up the rest of your data once a week.

Larger organizations (50+ employees)

A business with, say, 80 employees is going to have more complex needs. You should look at the needs of different teams or departments.

Think about how data loss would affect internal processes like invoices or payroll. You should also assess the effects on sales and order fulfillment.

For larger organizations, it often makes sense to establish data tiers for different processes. For instance, your sales team might need daily or even hourly backups. Due to the amount of data a large business generates, weekly backups might result in a loss that is too significant for most teams. Plus, you’ll need backup software with a fast recovery time.

You’ll have to implement a backup strategy on a larger scale, possibly with a backup folder for each user. Depending on the type of data you work with, 2-3TB of storage would make sense. A scalable solution is a must.

Get personalized cloud storage for business

Located in San Antonio, TX, SecureTech is a managed IT service provider. We offer cloud storage for business and other services. Our plans are tailored to the needs of each client and are flexible because we understand that these needs can change. Are you unsure of how much cloud storage you need? Get in touch with us!