Hackers are launching more attacks than ever before and using increasingly sophisticated methods to target businesses. Malware infecting your system could compromise sensitive data, slow down key business processes and even cause your entire system to come to a halt. The cost of antivirus software for businesses will be always cheaper than the damage your business can suffer a cyber attack.

Just imagine to stop operations for 5 days or more due to a cyber attack, what would cost more for your business? But do not worry, we can help you to implement the better solution for your business in terms of protections versus return of investment.

Investing in a reliable cybersecurity solution should be a priority, starting with an antivirus protection service.

Antivirus Protection Services San Antonio

Running antivirus software to protect your IT infrastructure is a necessity due to the number and complexity of digital threats that exist. Hackers know how to create malware that can infiltrate your system and exploit its flaws.

In recent years, hackers have figured out how to target valuable resources like payment information or customers’ private data. A sophisticated attack can take down your entire infrastructure and disrupt all your important processes.

You need to deploy a proactive strategy to face these threats. Reacting to a malware threat after the damage is done often means the business has lost data, revenues and the public’s trust. Besides recovering after an interruption of key processes, victims of cyberattacks often have to deal with the aftermath of a data breach.

An attack can result in a loss of opportunities because the business has to focus on getting its IT infrastructure back online instead of working on other important tasks. And it usually takes a while to regain customers’ trust. A data breach can have disastrous consequences in terms of reputation and trust and lead to a loss of business. The best way to mitigate that risk is to invest in malware protection.

The cost of antivirus software for businesses may vary depending on several factors, so we can give you a consultation on what the best solution is for your business.

Take in count that cost of antivirus software for businesses also depends on number of servers, users and many other factors, so call us for consultation. It will be more expensive that your business suffer a cyber attack.

Malware Protection

Malware and viruses are pieces of malicious software. They can disrupt legitimate programs, steal information, including credentials or payment information, and replicate themselves throughout your systems to infect more files and programs.

Some malware is relatively harmless and will slow down computers or show unwanted ads. Other programs are far more dangerous and can record users’ credentials and send them to a criminal or lock you out of your system to demand a ransom.

A malware protection solution reduces risks by scanning for known malicious programs or by identifying coding elements that suspicious programs have in common, with malware identified as known threats.

Some solutions can scan a system for unusual behaviors and activities that could indicate a data breach or cyberattack.

Remote Managed Antivirus

Deploying a remotely managed antivirus solution reduces the workload of your IT department. You will get the opportunity to work with cybersecurity experts who can recommend the best solution for your needs.

Remote management makes you more reactive because you will receive alerts if an attack is detected, which reduces your reaction time. Your remote IT partner will take care of updating and maintaining the antivirus solution as needed and protect you from the latest threats.

Protect your IT infrastructure with SecureTech

SecureTech can help protect your IT infrastructure. Its team of cybersecurity experts can install, update and maintain a performing antivirus solution that will scan for threats.

Contact US to learn more about how you can protect your business from malware and cyberattacks.