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Network Cabling Services: What’s Wrong with Bad Cable Management?

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Has Bad Cable Management got you a messy server room? We won’t deny that rows of neatly arranged cables in a server room are aesthetically pleasing. However, there is more to it than aesthetics. Cabling Mess or Worst cable management can result in a number of problems for your network. It can quickly go from a minor annoyance to a massive drain on your time and resources in the worst of cases. Need help with getting your messy cables in order? Our Network Cabling Services in San Antonio can transform your server room and prevent the following issues.

Cabling Mess? Future upgrades can be a challenge without Proper Cabling

A scalable IT infrastructure is crucial for growth. And with each piece of hardware you add, you’ll introduce more cables. Dealing with a messy server room means a longer setup process for each upgrade.

It’s also important to keep track of the cables you use. You should know how old cables are and when to replace them. For instance, replacing CAT5e cables with CAT6 cables can speed up your network because these cables have more bandwidth. If you don’t manage cables, you won’t know which ones to replace. You could end up with an obsolete network that doesn’t meet your requirements anymore, and you could struggle to upgrade it because of the amount of work needed to sort out your cables in the first place.

Your network isn’t optimized without Network Cabling Services

You can’t optimize network performance without managing your cables. On average, businesses spend 3.2-6.9% of their revenue on IT. You won’t get the most out of this investment unless you look into optimizing your network, starting with proper cable management.

Network speed can be a serious issue. Twisted cables make accessing data a slow process. As a result, productivity can drop drastically. Employees will take longer to complete simple tasks. Besides, customers could have bad experiences when shopping online or using a point-of-sale system for in-store purchases. Ultimately, this may lead them to choose a competitor in the future.

A messy heap of cables also reduces airflow. Blocking server vents can lead to overheating. Thus, your servers might need repairs more frequently. Besides, you’ll run into a wide range of speed and performance issues if the airflow isn’t sufficient.

Additionally, looping and coiling cables create magnetic fields. As a result, you might have to deal with interferences. Heat will also build up in the cables and significantly reduce their lifespan.

Bad Cable Management Practices are expensive

Downtime is costly. Besides losing money, it can hurt your brand reputation too. Without good cable management practices, finding a faulty cable and replacing it could take days.

You should also know that coiled cables don’t last long because the internal elements become twisted and pinched. Cables have a natural curve that you should follow when you set them up. If you don’t, you’ll have to replace faulty cables more frequently. On average, installing a hardwired computer network costs $1,000 to $6,000, and replacing all your cables could cost just as much.

Due to bad cable management, while your IT team hunts down a broken cable, they can’t work on other important projects. You will likely see costs go up in other areas because your IT team can’t address other issues fast enough.

Need help with your Messy Cables?

SecureTech is here to offer comprehensive network cabling services in San Antonio, TX for your business. Regardless of how messy your server room is or how bad cable management is, we can make it right. Give us a call to get started with better cable management practices.