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Our Three Network Cable Management Best Practices

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Network Cable Management Best Practices

Poor network cable management can cost you money. It makes repairs difficult and results in more downtime. It also makes scaling harder, especially if you don’t have a plan for adding new cables.

As your managed services provider, SecureTech can sort out your data center and implement a cable management solution. Take a look at the tried and tested methods we use in all of our designs and solutions for fast repairs and proper airflow to learn how we can best support you.

Why does Network Cable Management matter?

Before getting into our best practices, it’s important to know why you should follow them in the first place. Simply put, without airflow to your hardware, servers will crash, electricity bills will increase and your hardware will have a shorter lifespan. The solution? Keep cables out of the way to allow for proper cooling.

Additionally, as you scale operations, you’ll need to add hardware to existing racks. If you don’t have a management system in place, adding cables to an already disorganized center will lead to more clutter.

Letting cables hang loose in the back of your server racks is a common attempt at cable management. However, with this lack of support, cables can break, putting more strain on connectors.

We use the right equipment

One of the first things we do when optimizing a data center is looking at the equipment in use. We can recommend the best racks for your hardware and pick cable management features that match the length of the cables we use.

We make more cable storage

Data centers often get messy due to a simple lack of storage space. When possible, we’ll install cable management shelves.

These shelves are an extension of your server racks. You’ll get a surface with cable slots in the back of your racks, eliminating the need to use valuable rack space for your cables. Also, these shelves will provide more support for the weight of the cables while the slots help with organization.

For small data centers, we often install vertical organization products so you can use the space on the sides of your server cabinets too.

We implement a labeling system

In a 2020 survey, 25% of global enterprises reported that the cost of their server downtime is between $301,000 and $400,000 per hour. Proper labeling can speed up repairs and reduce costs, helping technicians find the right power or data quickly.

That’s why we use the SecureTech propietary Network Cable Management system that utilizes color coding and labeling. We recognize that every network is unique and your cable management needs may not be the same as the next company’s so we build the solution that works best for your business. With our consistent guidelines, we create a labeling protocol that works for your needs.

Some of the practices we’ll use when developing your cable labeling protocol include:

  • Placing labels on all the cables in the best place for your configuration.
  • Using color-coded cables so you can identify them quickly.
  • Installing durable labels that won’t fall or fade.
  • Being consistent in the way we label and color code cables.
  • Documenting this entire protocol for future reference.

Need help with messy cables?

SecureTech is a managed IT services provider in the San Antonio, TX area. We offer a wide range of solutions to solve your IT challenges. This includes data center organization and network cable management.

Don’t let messy cables reduce airflow or slow down repairs. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our solutions!

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