Protecting Managed Service Providers from Cyber Attack
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Protecting Managed Service Providers from Cyber Attacks

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Each business or organization acquires essential data that, once exposed, can bring a huge impact on the organization as a whole. Therefore, your service providers should enhance their MSP cyber security practices as a countermeasure to cyber attacks in the future.

But how can we say that an MSP upholds the utmost data integrity cybersecurity? How efficiently are they protecting your data and information system against a security breach?

The first step you need to do is to understand what MSPs can do with your data and information system. Here’s some information that can help you understand this topic better. 

How does MSP cyber security help you reduce the risk of security breaches?

Managed service providers (MSPs) are organizations or entities that are providing services that address the vulnerabilities in your network and strengthen their lines of defense against cyberattacks and security breaches. They act as your trusted advisors where you rely on your intellectual properties and confidential information. 

Lack of manpower and financial resources is one of the reasons why businesses rely on MSPs. This makes MSPs the third party in the business organization and, thus, brings with them a higher risk for a security breach. Thus, improving the cybersecurity of managed service providers should be an utmost priority.

Reasons why an MSP cyber security is more prone to a security breach

Being the holder of valuable information from different businesses and organizations, a compromised MSP can lead to a domino effect in society. To further explain, one MSP cybersecurity breach can give the attackers vast information of essential data of those entities partnering with them. 

There are two possible reasons why an MSP cyber security is more prone to a security breach. These are either to make a political statement or to obtain intellectual properties and confidential information to use or monetize. Thus, a successful breach in any MSP can pose a huge effect on every organization partnering with them. 

Preventing MSP cyber security attack

With all the essential and confidential information at risk, it is best to make sure that the MSP security framework of the one you choose is based on the framework provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other authoritative sources.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) provides a framework for both government and private entities relying on outsourcing some IT services from MSPs. This MSP security framework includes the best practices and considerations which ensure the reduction of the overall risk incurred in third-party agreements. 

Using the NIST MSP framework, service providers can draft and implement strategic approaches to preventing an MSP cyber security attack. 

Approach to consider in preventing MSP cyber security breach

In dealing with MSP cybersecurity, strategic approaches that abide by the NIST data protection best practices are quite helpful for data protection. It is important to strategically plan out the necessary advancements to maximize the results you wish to acquire. 

To garner successful results in protecting your data, make sure to map your security investment with the current business and technical risks. Being well-informed about the current risks can provide you with more insights on how to combat any security breach effectively. 

At the same time, MSPs must avoid blind spots in approaching business and technology risks. It is also helpful to make use of some devices that can provide complete visibility in your network. Preventing an MSP cyber security breach can be efficient only by continuous improvement in all factors, may it be in manpower or technological advancements.