Top 10 Warning Signs that Could Indicate a Cyber Breach
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Top 10 Warning Signs that Could Indicate a Cyber Breach

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Every Small Business Should Use Cybersecurity Consultants: Cyber Breach Warning Signs

Are you aware that a large chunk of businesses hosted on the internet are victims of cyber attacks? As a small business, you are not left out of this. No business can’t suffer a security breach at the hands of hackers. Being a small business, you may find identifying cyber breach warning signs difficult. With the help of a cyber security consultant, this shouldn’t be difficult. Below are the reasons every small business needs a cyber security consultant. 

Cyber Breach Warning Signs that Requires Cyber Security Consultants

Strange Slow Network 

There are days when we all wake up and don’t feel like doing anything. Tasks you can complete in no time can take the whole day. This also happens with the internet and other business networks. 

Although, if you notice a continuous throttle with your network speed and it remains like that, you should inform your cyber security consultant to check it out.

Checking traffic logs of your device and the entire network is an excellent way to determine the presence of unauthorized software. It will also help establish if the software is eating up your bandwidth and the nature of what is being transferred in and out of your bandwidth. 

Unapproved Changes in File

The common thing with hackers when they gain access to your network is file changing. They do this to avoid being detected. 

Changes like this occur within seconds. Thus, if your IT department fails to check within a few minutes, the change can remain undetected for a long time. To avoid being caught off guard, you need the help of a cyber security consultant to show you how to detect a file change.

Suspicious Computer Behaviour

If you observe suspicious changes in the normal activities of your computer, then you might be under cyber attack. 

You may be wondering what suspicious computer behavior means. Well, here are some examples. 

  • You discover some extensions and toolkits on your system that you did not install. 
  • You observe your cursor control itself without you moving the mouse. 
  • Frequent and continuous notifications of anti-virus warnings without any need for it. 

All the activities mentioned above are an indicator of a beach in your system. Although some may be due to glitches in the system, when they become too frequent, you need to reach out to a cyber security consultant to determine what is happening.  

Issues With Log In

If you are unable to log in to your account and you are sure of the login details, then you might be experiencing a cyber attack. 

When your log-in details stop working, two things might be the issue. First is that you might have been locked out due to several trials by the hacker, or your login details have been cracked and changed. 

In both cases, you’ll have to contact the support arm of your service provider to restore your access. 

Loss of Data

If you notice any missing data on any of your devices or online account, then the chances are that your account or device is experiencing a security breach. In cases like this, there’s little to nothing you can do. Thus, it is crucial to have a cyber security operative close by to be on top of your security game. 

Compromise in the security system does not happen once. It takes a series of processes before the final result is achieved. Thus, it is crucial you have a security consultant that can keep an eye out for the warning signals mentioned above. 

Once any sign is observed, your system can be taken offline to contain the damage before the problem is solved.