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What You Need To Know About The Cloud – Insights from the best Cloud Services Providers

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Data is oil – the black gold driving forward the majority of businesses across the world, no matter their mission or industry. Cloud Services Providers have been taking an important rol in IT environment because Data is Oil.

In that regard, marketing firms use data to identify and target the demographics receiving their content. For example, agriculture companies need data to optimize crop growth rates and sustainability. Technology companies use data to improve their infrastructures, products and services.

Every business needs an IT department to collect and store data, either in house or externally. It is now evident for most companies, that migrating business infrastructures to the cloud is the easiest way to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of technology and ensure it functions optimally.

Moving your business to the cloud – What Cloud Services Providers recommend!

According to Gartner’s IT Budget Report, the average healthcare company spends 75 percent of its IT budget on maintaining internal systems. This figure can easily be extrapolated over to other industries, and showcases just how much IT maintenance most business infrastructures require.

Businesses that run on traditional server infrastructures should be concerned about natural disasters and cyberattacks, which can compromise traditional servers and can be incredibly difficult to recover from. Using the cloud to host a business’ infrastructure can eliminate these problems.

If a business uses cloud servers, they don’t have to worry about natural disasters or cyberattacks compromising their business unless their cloud provider is compromised. Fortunately, cloud providers typically offer Disaster Recovery (DR) sites. Thus, cloud servers are far more secure than traditional servers.

Businesses that use private, public or hybrid cloud providers to support their infrastructures will almost always save capital expenditures. Cloud services are automatically scalable and provide an organization with exactly as much storage and power as they choose. They also negate the need for businesses to constantly buy expensive new servers to grow their infrastructure.

The structure of cloud services allows businesses to free up their IT team to do things that are actually important and contribute to growing the business, rather than spending time on server maintenance.

How to migrate your business to the cloud

According to an April 2017 study by Intel Security, 73 percent of companies are planning to use fully software-defined data centers within two years. However, an August 2018 survey by McKinsey noted that 60 percent of companies interested in cloud migration had only managed to migrate 10 percent or less of their workloads to cloud services.

While most businesses want to migrate to a cloud service, they’re clearly having trouble actually making it happen. So, there is where Cloud Services Providers, as SecureTech, are important to help you to crystalize changes.

The best Cloud Services Providers recommend how to migrate a business to a cloud service, here are a few boxes to check:

  • What type of cloud? There are public cloud services, private cloud services, and hybrid cloud services. Private clouds are often more secure but are usually updated less frequently than public clouds. Using multiple cloud services with different strengths (artificial intelligence versus data security versus storage) is often a wise choice.
  • How will the migration happen? Jumping into cloud migration headfirst can be risky. Instead, most businesses may find that slowly migrating their infrastructure to the cloud aspect-by-aspect, allows for the most security. It also lets IT teams get used to cloud services over time.
  • Who’s handling the migration? Most IT teams that have been supporting a traditional infrastructure for years may not be able to adapt their skills to cloud services quickly. For this reason, hiring a “migration architect” or a team of IT techs highly skilled in cloud migration, can actually save costs in the long-run due to increased migration efficacy.

If you’re searching for an experienced IT provider to help your business migrate to the cloud, there’s no better choice than SecureTech. With more than 16 years of experience in helping businesses update and maintain their network infrastructures, as one of the best Cloud Services Providers , SecureTech is here to help with all of your IT needs.

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