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Three Reasons a Backup Server Is Crucial to Your Business

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The purpose of a backup server is to host a copy of your data. If a major system failure happens, you can switch to this backup and keep operating.

Using a server to back up your data is crucial for your business. The reasons for doing this can vary from natural diseases to cyberattacks to human error. Take a look at why protecting your data is so important.

Why use a backup server

Few things are certain in this world, and business continuity isn’t one of them. The following are just a few examples of reasons you might need another way to access your data.

Natural disasters

In 2021, American businesses had to close for a collective 3.1 million days due to flooding. Fires, floods and other natural disasters can make your place of business inaccessible.

If your server room or remote data center is down, you will have to close. Besides, water and fire can damage hard drives. Your data could be impossible to recover.

A natural disaster can be a severe blow. You will likely have to shut down for a few days. You might not be able to come back if you lose your data. Plus, this scenario will also affect local suppliers and customers.

Having access to a backup means you can restore key processes after a natural disaster. You can then start operating again and help your community recover.


For 44% of experts, cyber incidents are the top business risk for 2022. Criminals are targeting businesses more often to steal valuable data. Some hackers also launch ransomware attacks to lock businesses out of their data against a ransom. Cyberattacks have devastating effects, with the average ransomware attack costing $1.85 million.

This risk calls for a strong cybersecurity response plan. If malware infects your network, you’ll have to shut it down to stop the virus.

Having a backup server means you can keep operating while cleansing your network. Plus, you’ll be able to access a previous copy of your data if a ransomware attack targets your business instead of finding yourself at the mercy of the attackers.

A cyberattack can bring operations to a standstill. It can also erode trust in your business. Plus, it’s usually expensive, and recovering from the cost is hard. As a result, 60% of small businesses end up closing within six months of an attack. You can avoid finding yourself in this situation with a strong backup strategy.

Human errors

Human errors often play a role in data leaks and cyber incidents. Employees can fall for phishing scams or delete data by accident. They can also create corrupted files.

Human error can result in lost data or malware infection. It can hurt your reputation. It can also interrupt key processes and cause lost revenues. Depending on the scope of the error, your business could lose data permanently. You might even have to shut down your network to get rid of the malware.

However, a backup can protect you from human error. If you have lost or corrupted data, all you have to do is replace it with a backup.

Protect your data today

Make your business more resilient with a backup server. SecureTech, a managed IT service provider in the San Antonio area, can help. We offer cloud-based backup services to keep your data safe. Contact us to schedule a tech review and discuss backup solutions.