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Explore the Benefits of Professional Network Cabling Installation

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When your computer system runs efficiently, the inner workings are out of sight and mind (as they should be!). However, when your business is running into tech trouble, it’s time to brush up on what makes your machines go. Your business runs on a system of cables. Ideally, you have a structured cable system to keep your day-to-day operations efficient. Read on to learn why network cabling installation is essential for your security and the future of your business.

What is Structured Cabling?

Have you ever walked into the IT area of a business, toward the back of the building, away from the customer-facing areas? If they’ve done an excellent job with their network, you’ll likely see rows of boxes with colorful cables neatly lined up and connected. It almost looks like a scene out of Star Trek!

When you see tidy rows of cables and blinking lights, you are looking at structured cabling. However, your business may rely on point-to-point cabling, which involves direct connections between devices (computers) and the control system. Instead, structured cabling allows for more flexibility and versatility. The old point-to-point system only works if your business is relatively small, with only a few connections required. When you add more, you have an untidy mess of cables that lowers efficiency and security. If you want to expand, scale, and grow, it’s time for structured network cabling.

Furthermore, structured cabling allows your business to adapt and change. You can include security cameras, servers, and communication infrastructure within a structured cabling network.

What are the Pros of Structured Cabling?

The longevity of your business is really at the heart of structured cabling. The sky’s the limit for how far you can grow your business, and you need a network system to keep up. Some of the best reasons to choose structured cabling include the following:

  1. Ensure your business is scalable. We know growth is top of mind. Think of structured cabling as a way to future-proof your business: you can add more cables or restructure as you need to over time.
  2. Save money. No one wants to waste resources on costly repairs. By doing the job right the first time, your network cabling works without you needing to consider it.
  3. Reduce downtime. There’s nothing worse than losing a network connection in the middle of a busy workday. With an organized, structured cabling system, your risk of downtime is significantly reduced.
  4. Customize your system. Also, your business and clients have unique IT needs. A structured cabling system is customized so your network delivers precisely what you need daily.

The best way to ensure you capitalize on all the benefits of structured cabling is to choose professionals who genuinely understand your needs. The right partner will take the time to listen to your concerns. Securetech works to understand the nuances of your business and implement a cabling system that makes sense. Securetech provides precisely what you need for a successful network cabling installation. Contact us today to learn how we can help save you time and money.