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A Security Consultant Can Help You Assess Your IT Vulnerabilities

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Figuring out how secure your company is requires more than making sure your anti-virus software is up to date. You not only need to know where your problem areas are, but you also need a plan – you need to know where to look and what to work on. A security consultant can help you review your system and figure out how to move forward.

Security assessment and planning

Even as you make changes and fix problems, there are always new attack vectors, so it’s hard to stay ahead. You need to assess your system often so you know where your weak points are and can be proactive against a future attack.

Perform regular assessments to make sure you can fix those weaknesses and stop an attack from happening. However, trying to do this on your own can be an uphill battle.

A security consultant knows what attackers like to target. They can also learn your system to understand exactly what you need. Plus, a consultant can create a plan and make sure it matches your company’s mission. For example, your current IT system may not even need a complete overhaul. Perhaps just small changes would greatly improve your situation.

Compliance and regulatory requirements

Companies have to meet certain standards of protection based on their industry. For instance, if you process credit card payments, you must follow Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard regulations. If you’re in healthcare, your data is subject to HIPAA regulations and so forth.

On top of all of these regulations, the National Institute of Standards and Technology puts out recommendations to follow as well. Meeting these standards can be hard, and abiding by them means you have to know what you’re doing.

Companies that choose not to be compliant experience an average of over $4 million in losses every year. Leaving your company open to attacks can cost a lot of money, but attacks on the business’s reputation are among the most costly.

Security consulting services will help you find the right technology and best practices to stay safe and compliant. A provider will also give you the tools to make good decisions going forward. Indeed, assessing your system and fixing problems is not a one-time solution. It’s an ongoing effort. Thus, keeping money in your budget for a consultant is a smart thing to do.

Make the most of your budget with a security consultant

Companies don’t always see how valuable security is until it’s too late. While you may spend a little more upfront on a consultant, you will see benefits in the end when you prevent attacks and negative publicity. Most importantly, your customers will always know their business is safe with you.

Having the latest technology and a big security budget is worthless if you don’t know where or how to spend it. Being secure doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget either. You just need someone who knows how to spend it. If you’re ready to make the most of your time and money, contact SecureTech for a consultation. We are a managed IT services partner in the San Antonio, TX area. Our team of experts can support your business with cloud technologies, backup and disaster recovery, and more to keep your IT vulnerabilities contained.