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Top Managed Service Providers, What Makes them the Best?

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What do the top managed service providers do right? Specifically, how do they help their clients grow? Let’s take a closer look at the main factors to look for when choosing an MSP.

A good track record

Reviews and references are a logical place to start learning more about a provider’s track record. In addition, you should ask the following questions:

  • Does the provider have experience with your industry?
  • Are there measurable results they can share for similar clients they have helped?
  • Do they have experience helping clients solve problems similar to yours?
  • Does their staff have expertise in different areas?

Top managed service providers deliver concrete results

By 2022, 90% of organizations will use the hybrid cloud. Because digital transformation is accelerating, you need an innovation partner who can help you implement the right solutions.

Technologies like automation, machine learning, and analytics can give you a competitive edge. However, it’s important to prioritize what to implement. Therefore, a good MSP will conduct a cost analysis and put together a use case. You can then discuss what the best investment is for your organization.

Hence, the right MSP will recommend solutions that support sustainable growth and measurable results. Moreover, they will consider costs, productivity and profits.

Scalable growth

MSPs interested in forming long-term partnerships will ultimately deliver more value and help you achieve your goals. So, look for providers who offer scalable solutions that can change and grow with you. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Can you bring in more users easily?
  • Is it possible to roll out new business apps?
  • If you opt for a data backup service, can you increase the volume and frequency of the backups?
  • Can the MSP adapt to new compliance challenges as you grow?
  • Does the MSP have a plan to assess your cybersecurity risks over time?
  • How does implementing new solutions or adding users affect pricing?
  • Does the provider offer services like cloud migration?
  • How long does the contract last? Can you make changes to it?

A partner, not a salesperson

Identify how the interactions with the MSP feel like. Also, determine whether they are trying to push products.

Top managed service providers are a partner first and foremost. So, they benefit from seeing your organization grow, and they offer solutions that make sense for your goals and growth stage.

Here are some common signs you’re dealing with a growth partner:

  • They ask questions about your business, and they want to understand your goals.
  • They present different solutions and explain their unique benefits for your organization.
  • There are frequent check-ins, usually with the same point of contact.
  • They create a roadmap with goals and timeframes for rolling out different tech solutions.
  • They’re tracking results and are reactive benchmarks are missed.
  • They offer additional services for you to be successful, like tech support or training.

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